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0 A.D. (0ad;0 AD) Wildfire Games (Wildfire Games)2016 1stcentury 2ndcentury 3rdcentury 4thcentury 5thcentury achievements antiquity aspectratio-4-3 asymmetricfactions bc1stcentury bc2ndcentury bc3rdcentury bc4thcentury bc5thcentury classicalantiquity cpplanguage dawnofanewage difficulty earth ecmascript europe free freebsd garrisons healthregen imperiumromanum license-bsd3 license-cpl license-expat license-gpl license-lgpl license-mpl modifiable nopausefunction openal opengl past pausefunction realtimecombat replays sdl structurefacing veterancy vorbis warfare-land warfare-sea wxwidgets year0