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Hopkins FBI MP Entertainment (MP Entertainment)1998 boxed clickadventure earth firearms freebsd gore hopkinsengine interactivefiction license-proprietary nativeoption scummvm sdl walking x11
Cube author (author)2003 assaultrifles cubeengine firearms firstpersonshooter freebsd handguns opengl precisionrifles
Barrage LGames (LGames)2003 clanguage explosives firearms freebsd license-gpl score scoreoriented sdl war
Hunt author (author)2003 bsdgames dragonflybsd explosives firearms fogofwar freebsd grenades knives mines mp-dm ncurses
Hedgewars (Hedge Wars) Hedgewars Project (Hedgewars Project)2004 artillerygame cpplanguage explosives firearms freebsd license-gpl lua pardus sdl searchelp x86 x86-64
HacX ? (Banjo Software)2005 3.5disk cdrom cyberpunk dehacked doomwad download firearms freebsd idtech1 license-proprietary licensechange monsters robots totalconversion virtualreality
egl ? (?)2006 alienplanet brains emweapons energyweapons everyonesdead extraterrestrial fallbackweapon firearms firstpersonshooter freebsd future gibs grenades hitscan humanresources idtech2 industrial-setting jumping militantprotagonist militaryfiction opengl otherworld overkill peopleresources quake-series secrets serious spacefaringage strogg
Black Shades ? (?)2008 city earth firearms firstpersonshooter freebsd handguns latemodernperiod license-gpl openal protect psychicpowers sdl walking
Blood Frontier (bloodfrontier) ? (?)2009 assaultrifles beamweapons cube2engine download firearms firstpersonshooter freebsd grenades handguns humanoidprotagonist jumping leveleditor license-zlib mp-ctf mp-dm mp-lms naturalistic opengl precisionrifles robotprotagonist sdl shotguns walkin
Cytadela Asymptopia Software (Asymptopia Software)2010 1life 22ndcentury alone anticipatorystockpiles armyofone bodyarmor chainreactions cloakednpcs cpplanguage demonicinvasion demons doors elevators energyweapons everyonesdead explosiveobjects findexit firearms firstpersonshooter freebsd gore graphicdeaths handguns heads healthpickups keys license-gpl license-gpl3 megacorps middleguns militantprotagonist monsters namelessprotagonist nojumping npcstrife oopitems openbsd opengl plasmaweapons powerups rockets rotaryguns sciencefantasy sdl secrets secrets-levels serious shotguns singlegender spawners walking x86 x86-64
Vangers: One for the Road KranX Productions (K-D Lab)2014 bizarrecreatures bizarreenvironments bizarreflora claymation combatracing commercial cpplanguage customengine download dragons driving firearms freebsd future indie landvehicle license-proprietary mercenaries multipleendings nonlinear openworld surreal vehicleflip vehicularcombat wheeledvehicle x86 x86-64
Diaspora ? (?)2015 ancientenemy bc147thmillennium darkspace distantpast download firearms freebsd freespaceengine license-cc license-contradictory license-gpl militantprotagonist naturalistic past robotmenace robots sourcecodeavailable space spacecraft spacecraft-small spaceflight survival warfare-space warptravel