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Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM) author (author)? 1life abominations adv-static agriculture ancardia attackdefenseadjust cannibalism charactercreation classbased curseditems desecration destructibleitems doors doors-breakable download dragons dungeon dwarves elves encounters-random energyregen femaleprotagonist floatingeyes freebsd genderchoice gremlins heroprotagonist hiddenattributes hunger hyperalimentation inventory inventory-unprotected itemidentification itempickup-instant jokeitems karma karmiccreatures magic maleprotagonist mapgenerator medieval metamorphosis mitoticcreatures monsters mutation naming naming-companions naming-npcs neutralnpcs nonlinear nonstandardcolors optionaltasks orcs ordervschaos outlaws overworld owlbears permadeath placeswap potions presetmaps psychicpowers psychics quitsave randomdamage randomizedeffects roguelike rotting sacrificing safeguards save-suspend serious shiftinglocale shopping singlesave sorcery spawners specieschoice subterraneanforest tangibleabstracts teleport teleporters teleporting timeslicing transformativecorruption trolls undead unicorns weefolk worms xp-kills xp-literal
NetHack (NetHack 3.0;xnethack;nethack-console;nethack-lisp;nethack-qt) ? (?)? 1life adv-static archivegames charactercreation cockatrices dwarves elves femaleprotagonist forcedpolymorph fourhorsemen gelatinouscubes genderchoice hunger hyperalimentation inventory itemidentification itempickup-instant jokeitems leveldrain leveldrain-permanent maleprotagonist mapgenerator objectplot owlbears permadeath randomdamage randomizedeffects roguelike rotting search singlesave sourcecodeavailable sunos transcendency uvl-confusable weefolk xp-kills
OpenDungeons (OGA) Open Dungeons Community (Open Dungeons Community)? cpplanguage currency doors elves freebsd inventory license-cc license-gpl magic mercenaries ogre-engine openal prospecting resourceharvesting secrets subterranean summoning trapping traps trees undead upgrades-abilities
OpenDungeons (OGA) Open Dungeons Community (Open Dungeons Community)? cpplanguage currency doors elves freebsd inventory license-cc license-gpl3 magic mercenaries ogre-engine openal prospecting resourceharvesting secrets subterranean summoning trapping traps trees undead upgrades-abilities
The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus DX (Zelda Solarus DX) Zelda s9larus (Zelda s9larus)? 1life ancientenemy boomerangs bossbattles bows containers cpplanguage currency elves explosives fangame fantasyworld healingitems interactivetriggers inventory keys lang-separate license-gpl3 lua magic meleeweapons monsters openal openbsd playerprofiles rewardingvandalism sdl sdl2 shields shopping solarusengine swimming swords uvl-confusable walking wintery
HACK author (author)1982 amoeboids ants bees beetles bizarrecreatures bodyarmor bsdgames centaurs chameleons chiroptera cockatrices currency demons dogs dragonflybsd dragons dragons-western eels fantasyworld floatingeyes freebsd fungi gaseousentities gems ghosts giantants giantinsects giantrats giantrodents gnomes goblinoids goblins halflings hell hellhounds hunger imps insects inventory jackals jaguars jewelry kobolds leprechauns magic magicrings mapgenerator meleeweapons minotaurs mixedcreatures monsters mystics netbsd nymphs openbsd orcs owlbears polycephalids potions rats rodents roguelike sasquatch scorpions scrolls shopping snakes sorcery stonecreatures subterranean swords tengus trolls umberhulks undead unicorns uvl-confusable uvl-platform-limitation vampires walking wands weefolk worms wraiths zombies
Avanor, The Land Of Mystery author (author)2001 axes bodyarmor cpplanguage currency demons dwarves freebsd heroprotagonist inventory jewelry license-gpl lua magic magicrings meleeweapons monsters orcs roguelike shields sorcery swords thieving weefolk
CrossFire author (author)2002 acid adv-static alternatesolutions amoeboids angels animateobjects animateweapons antipk ants axes balrogs banshees basilisks bees beggars beholders bigcats birds bludgeons bodyarmor bows capacity-stacks capacity-weight captives charactercreation cheapdeath chickens children chiroptera city currency currency-split cyclopes dancers darkelves dedicatedclient demons dialog-keywords dialog-progressive discriminatingcustomers disproportionalworld dogs doors downloads dragonoids dragons dragons-eastern dragons-other dragons-western dungeoncrawler dwarves earth electriccreatures elementals elites elves encounters-literal encounters-respawn encounters-seen europeanfae faries farmers femaleprotagonist floatingheads freebsd fungi gargoyles genderchoice genderneutral ghosts ghouls giantbats giantinsects giantrats giants giantsnakes giantwolves giantworms gnolls gnomes goblinoids goblins golems gryphons guards heads healthregen-moderate hirelings host-dedicated humans hunger imps insects interactivedialogs inventory itemidentification itemlock keys keys-disposable knights knives kobolds larvae leeches license-gpl liches limitedcapacity livingshadows lockpicking loot-random lunatics magic maleprotagonist mapgenerator medieval meleeweapons merchants mice mmog mollusk monsters mycoids mystics neutralmonsters neutralnpcs ninja nofailstate noncombpenalty nonlinear nudity nudity-inhuman ogres opengl openworld-restricted orcs pirates polarbears posix presetmaps priests primates protagonistnaming pve pvp racechoice rats reapers rockmen safezone scavenging scorpions sdl serverbrowser shopping skeletons slaves slugs snakemen snakes spawners specieschoice spectres sphinxes stonecreatures swords tangibleabstracts theunnamed thieves trading treants trees trolls undead unicorns unlimitedlives ursines vagrants vampires weefolk witches wolves worms wyverns x11 xp-deeds xp-kills xp-literal zombies
Aklabeth author (author)2004 1life axes bsd clanguage cpplanguage inventory meleeweapons monsters otherworld sdl skeletons subterranean swords undead walking x86
TileRogue author (author)2005 grid grid-square inventory mapgenerator meleeweapons monsters netbsd randomdamage roguelike subterranean swords walking xp-kills
Arx Libertatis (地城守护者;Arx Fatalis. Последний бастион;Arx Fatalis: Return To The Underground;Arx Fatalis) ? (Arkane Studios;Zenimax;Arx Libertatis)2012 1life adv-ptdistr amnesia automap ballistics bludgeons bows capacity-slots castle cemetery charactercreation cheese chemistry chemistry-medicine chemistry-toxins cooking cpplanguage cultists dark demons disguisedtriggers displacementfiction divinechampion divinemenace doors drawing dungeon dungeoncrawler elevators freebsd fromanotherworld fullbodyawareness giantinsects goblins healingitems hillland humanoidprotagonist humans immersivesim inventory jumping license-gpl3 limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magic-precast magic-sigils medieval meleeweapons minimap mummies murinoids naga neutralnpcs openal opengl pointertoggle potions refillableliquidcontainers rescue saveanywhere sdl search serious shopping sorcery sourcecodeavailable stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-sight stealth-sound subterranean subterraneanrealm summoning swords systemsdriven trolls uipointer undead visionenhancer voiceovers walking xp-kills zombies
Aquaria ? (?)2015 actionadventure ambientcreatures aquaticrealm automap autozoom backtracking bellyofawhale bossbattles cave chargedattack cnidarians colossi commercial cpplanguage dark-limited dashing devouring directionalforce directionalforce-current download fasttravel fasttravel-points femaleprotagonist fish fmod forgottenpast freebsd giantmonsters giantseahorses healingitems healthpickups humanoidprotagonist indie inventory lamp leveleditor leveleditor-ingame license-crossplatform license-gpl license-proprietary lua magic merfolk metroidvania minigames minimap modifiable monsters mutants nodrm nonlinear oceanworld opengl peeking pet pyrokinesis radialmenu rewardingvandalism robots ruins savepoints sdl seamonsters search serious shapeshifters shapeshifting skeletalanimation sorcery sound sourcecodeavailable subterranean swimming titlementioned titularlocale tutorial underwater visions walljumping wildlife