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HACK author (author)1982 amoeboids ants bees beetles bizarrecreatures bodyarmor bsdgames centaurs chameleons chiroptera cockatrices currency demons dogs dragonflybsd dragons dragons-western eels fantasyworld floatingeyes freebsd fungi gaseousentities gems ghosts giantants giantinsects giantrats giantrodents gnomes goblinoids goblins halflings hell hellhounds hunger imps insects inventory jackals jaguars jewelry kobolds leprechauns magic magicrings mapgenerator meleeweapons minotaurs mixedcreatures monsters mystics netbsd nymphs openbsd orcs owlbears polycephalids potions rats rodents roguelike sasquatch scorpions scrolls shopping snakes sorcery stonecreatures subterranean swords tengus trolls umberhulks undead unicorns uvl-confusable uvl-platform-limitation vampires walking wands weefolk worms wraiths zombies
Avanor, The Land Of Mystery author (author)2001 axes bodyarmor cpplanguage currency demons dwarves freebsd heroprotagonist inventory jewelry license-gpl lua magic magicrings meleeweapons monsters orcs roguelike shields sorcery swords thieving weefolk