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ACM Air Combat Simulation 5 (ACM Aerial Combat Simulator 5;ACM 5) ? (?)? aircraft-cessna172 aircraft-f16-falcon aircraft-mig29-fulcrum clanguage freebsd license-gpl license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable uvl-searchelp x11
Doom ? (?)? 22ndcentury claymation demonicinvasion demons doom-series firstpersonshooter free2play freebsd hell license-proprietary militantprotagonist moon plasmaweapons sourcecodeavailable
Pinch ol' Santa SwordLord (SwordLord)? christmas freebsd holiday license-proprietary lua sdl
Rogue author (author)? bsd bsdgame dragonflybsd dragons license-proprietary mapgenerator roguelike
Ultra Rogue author (author)? bsd dragons license-proprietary mapgenerator roguelike
Hearts (xawhearts;heartssd;xmhearts) Generic Computer Products (Generic Computer Products)1992 bsdi4 cards cursesgui heartscardgame license-proprietary sourcecodeavailable sunos traditional x11
xpacman author (author)1996 claiming freebsd langinsignificant license-proprietary license-vague pacmanlike sourcecodeavailable x11 x86 x86-64
Hopkins FBI MP Entertainment (MP Entertainment)1998 boxed clickadventure earth firearms freebsd gore hopkinsengine interactivefiction license-proprietary nativeoption scummvm sdl walking x11
UFO 2000 UFO2000 Development Team (UFO2000 Development Team)20?? allegro cpplanguage group hawknl license-gpl license-proprietary lua sqlite
54321 nklein software (nklein software)2001 cpplanguage freebsd langinsignificant license-proprietary pldlinux sdl sourcecodeavailable sparc x86
Eternal Lands (eternallands) Eternal Lands (Eternal Lands)2003 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-custom beavers clanguage cpplanguage customresolution dwarves elves eternallandsengine free free2play freebsd gnomes humans lagomorphs license-gpl license-proprietary mmog openal opengl ppc pythonlanguage rodents sdl sourcecodeavailable vorbis walking weefolk widescreen x11 x86 x86-64
Candy Cruncher Pyrogon;Linux Game Publishing (EonGames)2003 commercial demo freebsd lgpcp license-proprietary sdl x11
Deluxe Snake (dsnake) ? (?)2003 freebsd frog license-proprietary mushrooms snakegame snakes sourcecodeavailable
Descent II (Descent 2;D2X;D2X-XL) author (author)2004 6dof captives cpplanguage descent drone firstpersonshooter freebsd indoors license-contradictory license-gpl3 license-proprietary licensechange map-3d mercenaryprotagonist opengl physfs robots sdl subterranean swrender vorbis
Across Lite Literate Software Systems (Literate Software Systems)2005 license-proprietary sparc sunos uvl-tiein x86
HacX ? (Banjo Software)2005 3.5disk cdrom cyberpunk dehacked doomwad download firearms freebsd idtech1 license-proprietary licensechange monsters robots totalconversion virtualreality
Quake III: Arena (Quake 3: Arena;cleanq3) ? (?)2006 arenafpstps firstpersonshooter freebsd idtech3 license-proprietary mp-dm opengl punkbuster quake-series twitchshooter unrelatedsequel uvl-searchelp zip
rezerwar tamentis (tamentis)2008 clanguage fallingblocks freebsd langinsignificant license-proprietary openbsd sdl sourcecodeavailable spatiallogic
Landes Eternelles Eternal Lands (Eternal Lands)2009 aspectratio-custom beavers clanguage eternallandsengine free free2play freebsd lagomorphs license-proprietary mmog opengl ppc rodents sdl sourcecodeavailable walking x86 x86-64
Sun Blast Oblone Software (Oblone Software)2010 caveflying commercial license-crossplatform license-proprietary pc-bsd powerups railshooter space
UltraStar Loud Arts (Loud Arts)2010 bsd cpplanguage license-gpl license-postfreedom license-proprietary licensechange
Sqrxz 3 - Adventure for Love Retroguru (Retroguru)2012 anthroprotagonist claiming disappearingplatforms earth gems hard hopandbop jumping jungle lagomorphprotagonist license-proprietary monsters netbsd score sdl secrets subterranean walking
The Castles of Dr. Creep author (author)2012 commercial download freebsd indie license-proprietary limitedpalette medieval mp-cooperative retro steampowered
Vangers: One for the Road KranX Productions (K-D Lab)2014 bizarrecreatures bizarreenvironments bizarreflora claymation combatracing commercial cpplanguage customengine download dragons driving firearms freebsd future indie landvehicle license-proprietary mercenaries multipleendings nonlinear openworld surreal vehicleflip vehicularcombat wheeledvehicle x86 x86-64
Sqrxz 4 - Cold Cash Retroguru (Retroguru)2014 anthroprotagonist claiming disappearingplatforms earth gems hard hopandbop jumping jungle lagomorphprotagonist license-proprietary monsters netbsd present score sdl secrets subterranean walking