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NetHack (NetHack 3.0) ? (?)? 1life adv-static archivegames charactercreation cockatrices dwarves elves femaleprotagonist forcedpolymorph fourhorsemen gelatinouscubes genderchoice hunger hyperalimentation inventory itemidentification itempickup-instant jokeitems leveldrain leveldrain-permanent maleprotagonist mapgenerator objectplot owlbears permadeath randomdamage randomizedeffects roguelike rotting search singlesave sourcecodeavailable transcendency uvl-confusable weefolk xp-kills
Angband author (author)1990 angband clanguage cursesgui femaleprotagonist forethoughtrequired genderchoice gtk license-gpl magic maleprotagonist mapgenerator permadeath presetmaps randomdamage roguelike sdl singlesave sparc x11 x86 x86-64
Nethack: Falcon's Eye - (-)2000 femaleprotagonist fourhorsemen genderchoice magic maleprotagonist mapgenerator permadeath randomdamage roguelike save-suspend sdl search singlesave sparc transcendency x86