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Black & White (Black and White;BnW;B&W;BW) Feral (Feral)2002 absoluterulership actionstrategy antagonistawareness appearanceshifting aspectratio-4-3 bink blacknwhite-series cdrom children dataglove dominion drawing dynamicweather eastereggs-date ectsaward fullscreen gesturing giantmonsters godgame godlingprotagonist goodvsevil hybridgame island learningai lighthearted magic missionbased moralchoices norecruiting osx osx-1 osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 osx0 physics playerprofiles playerstats ppc prophecy qsound resourceharvesting sorcery stockpiles teaching transformingpresence tutorial unrestrictedviolence virtualpets workers
The Saga of Ryzom Nevrax (Nevrax)2004 adv-ptdistr arid aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-auto aspectratio-custom clansystem cpplanguage crafting download energyregen fantasyworld fictionaluniverse fmod genderchoice giantinsects healthregen humanoidprotagonist humid inventory invisiblewalls isx leveleditor licensechange limitedcapacity livingecosystem lua magic marketfluctuation meleeweapons mmog nel-engine nohumans opengl playereconomy quickkeys resourceharvesting sorcery subtropic temperate tropic tutorial uvl-osversion widescreen worldtree xml xp-deeds xp-kills xp-multi
Doom 3 (D00M³) Aspyr (Aspyr)2005 1life 2140s 22ndcentury airlocks alientechnology alteredreality ammomagazines antagonistawareness anticipatorysightings anticipatorystockpiles aspectratio-4-3 assaultrifles autosavepoints biogrowth bodyarmor bossbattles cc chargingweapons color-32bit communicator corridorshooter cyborgs dark demo demonicinvasion demons descriptivenames diaries dimensionalbreach dimensionalportals dimensionaltravel dingy dissolvingcorpses doom-series doors doors-automatic eastereggs eax4 elevators elevators-multifloor encounters-popup eviloverlord excavation extraterrestrial fatbinary fatties firearms firstpersonshooter future grenadecooking grenades handguns heads healthpickups healthregen healthregen-stunted heavyspecularity hell hellscape humanfacedcreatures idtech4 inclinators ingamecinematics interactiveterminals jumping keycodes ladders lamp locationinfo magiccircles mars mediaindrive megacorps militantprotagonist minigames monstrouschildren namelessprotagonist newgameplus nomodalpause novintfalcon npcfriendlyfire npcstrife oddappliances openal opengl osx osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 overcharging pain pandorasbox paranormal pda plasmaweapons portals powertools ppc reanimators reboot red reload-auto reload-manual researchfacility rockets rotaryguns saveanywhere sciencefantasy scientists secrets sentientartefact serious shadowvolume shotguns soldiers spacefaringage spiderbots subtitledeficient supportnpcs teleport teleporters temporarycompanions unlockable-difficulty unorthodoxweapons walkers walking walkingarmory whispers x86
Warzone 2100 The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project (Pumpkin Studios;The Warzone 2100 Resurrection Project)2005 aspectratio-4-3 controlconfig future openal osx physfs postapocalypse screenshake sdl vehicledesigning
Call of Duty 2 (CoD2) Aspyr (Aspyr)2006 1940s 1life 20thcentury aaa ammomagazines asia aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-5-4 aspectratio-wide-auto aureal3d callofduty city city-moscow-ru city-volgograd-ru eax eax2 eax3 fatbinary firearms firstpersonshooter friendlyfire grenades healthregen healthregen-fast idtech3 iwengine milessound militantprotagonist militaryfiction mp-dm mp-teams multilingual naturalistic oneofmany opengl osx osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 playerprofiles ppc precisionrifles ruins russia savepoints serious speech-german uselessallies voicechat war widescreen wintery worldwar2 x86
Eschalon: Book I  Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2007 adv-ptdistr adv-static amnesia amoeboids aspectratio-4-3 automap axes blitzmax bludgeons bows capacity-weight castle cdrom cemetery chemistry circadiancycle dark-limited demo disease doors doors-breakable download encounters-random endlessopposition energyregen energyregen-slow episodic eschalonseries fasttravel fasttravel-points floatingeyes forest fortress giantinsects goblins gog graverobbing grid grid-square healthregen healthregen-slow illusionarywalls interactivedialogs inventory itemdurability lamp limitedcapacity lockpicking magic maleprotagonist medieval meleeweapons minimap minotaurs monsters multipleendings npcstrife openal opengl osx osx-3 outlaws passive resting ruins saveanywhere sequelhook shopping skeletons sorcery stealing stealth subterranean suicideattackers swords thrownweapons town undead variableabilitypower waiting wasteland wetland zombies
World of Goo  2D BOY (2D BOY)2008 ♫amazinggrace achievements achievements-public amoeboids aspectratio-4-3 collective constructionpuzzle cpplanguage deadlydecor demo download guide humblebundle igfinnovationaward indie irrklang license-crossplatform music-disco opendynamicsengine opensolutions physics ppc sdl speech-gibberish steampowered steamworks structuresupports subterranean systemsdriven titlementioned vorbis windmills x86 xml
Eschalon: Book II  Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2010 adv-ptdistr adv-static amnesia amoeboids animals aspectratio-4-3 automap axes blitzmax bludgeons bodyarmor bows capacity-weight cave characterbackground charactercreation chemistry circadiancycle civilianprotagonist color-16bit color-32bit combatstyles containers criminalactivity damagetypes dark-limited demo dialog-sentences discriminatingcustomers disease display-1024x768 doors doors-breakable download dwarves dynamicweather energyitems energyregen energyregen-slow episodic eschalonseries explosiveobjects fofindicator forest freeaudio freeexpansions genderchoice genderdifference ghosts giantanimals giantinsects giantrats giantrodents giantspiders gog graverobbing grid grid-square healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow hunger ineptveteran insectoids interactivetriggers interrupting inventory itemdurability itemidentification jewelry keys knives lamp leveluprestoration limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magicrings meleeweapons mine minimap minotaurs monsters music-ambient music-orchestral neutralmonsters npcgenerators obscuredtime openal opengl optionaltasks outlaws overburdening passive polearms potions ppc pressureplates protagonistnaming pyrokinesis randomdamage randomizedattributes repairing resting ruins saveanywhere scrolls secrets secretsociety shallowwater shopping skeletons sorcery staticresolution stealing stealth stealth-sound subterranean swords taskfailure tasktracker teleporters thirst thoroughfares thrownweapons titlementioned town toxins trapdisarming traps trespassing unarmedfighting undead vandalism variableabilitypower variableactionpower waiting walking weathereffects weefolk wolves x86 xaudio xp-deeds xp-kills zombies
Air Forte Blendo Games (Blendo Games)2010 ♫silentnight 3ormoreplayers aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-a10-thunderboltii anthroprotagonist aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-4-3 christmas demo earth edu-geography edu-math edu-vocabulary fatbinary holiday license-proprietary lighthearted math nodrm opengl osx osx-4 osx-5 ppc widescreen x86
LUFTRAUSERS Vlambeer (Vlambeer)2014 aerodyne aspectratio-4-3 download nohealthdisplay ocean retro slowmotion steampowered
Super Noah's Ark 3-D (Super 3D Noah's Ark) Wisdom Tree (Wisdom Tree)2014 aspectratio-16-10 aspectratio-16-9 aspectratio-17-10 aspectratio-4-3 aspectratio-5-4 aspectratio-auto automap camels christian devsyslinux display-1024x768 display-1080p display-1280x720 display-1280x800 display-1280x960 display-1360x768 display-1400x1050 display-1400x787 display-1400x875 display-1600x1000 display-1600x1200 display-1600x900 display-1920x1200 display-320x200 display-320x240 display-640x480 display-720p display-800x600 display-900p earth elephant exoticweapons firstpersonshooter flood giraffes kangaroos keys letterbox license-crossplatform license-gpl nodrm obscurerelease osx prehistoric primates retro score slingshots steampowered walking wolf3dengine