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Undying (Clive Barker's Undying) Aspyr (Aspyr)2002 1920s 1life 20thcentury autumnal avianoids beholders bleak bossbattles cemetery dark darkfantasy deadanimation demons diaries difficulty dimensionalportals dimensionaltravel display-800x600 dissolvingcorpses dualwielding-asymmetric earth energyregen firearms firstpersonshooter floatingeyes flyingislands forcedsuicide glide3d grotesque handguns investigatorprotagonist ireland island latemodernperiod magic magicartefacts mansion monsters multipleworlds mystery mysticprotagonist occult osx osx-1 osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 otherworld pain passageondemand pawn portals ppc saveanywhere sciencefantasy scythes secrets serious shotguns sorcery spearguns suicide swrender timetravel unrealengine unrealengine1 upgradesystem voiceovers walking
Killing Floor Tripwire Interactive (Tripwire Interactive;Shatterline Productions)2010 3ormoreplayers achievements achievements-public adv-static aimmode alternateattack ammomagazines assaultrifles autorun autoshotguns autumnal axes barricading bombs bossbattles britain bullettime bunker burning capacity-slots carnographic chainsaw city city-london-uk classbased cloakednpcs clones clonetechnology color-32bit crossbows damageovertime dark depthfog difficulty difficulty-players directconnect dissolvingcorpses distortedvision doors doors-breakable download dualwielding earth factory falldamage firearms flamethrowers forest friendlyfire-full friendlyfire-optional friendlyfire-reduced gamespy gore grenadelaunchers grenades grenades-bouncy grenades-impact grotesque handguns healing healingdevice host-dataimport humanexperiments idlenoise incendiarygrenades indie ingameadvertising insectoids invisiblewalls ironsights itemglow itempickup-auto itemrespawn jumping knives knockback lasersight leveleditor license-crossplatform limitedcapacity meleeweapons militantprotagonist mp-cooperative mp-crossplatform mpfocus music-metal nocrosshair npcfriendlyfire npcgrenadeevasion nudity-featureless officebuilding openal overpenetration paidkilling powertools precisionrifles projectilerecovery pve pveonly ragers realisticshotguns recoil reload-nointerrupt researchfacility rockets rural screenshake secretfacility selectivefire serious serverbrowser shadermodel2 shopping shotguns socialnetwork steampowered steamworks submachineguns survivalhorror swords swrender thermalweapons tommygun tracers unrealengine2 upnp valveanticheat voicechat voicemacros vorbis wadsofcash walking waves weaponkickback widescreen xp-undefined
Conquest of Elysium III (Conquest of Elysium 3;CoE3) Illwinter Game Design (Illwinter Game Design)2012 archers autumnal ballistae classbased coe-series currency demo desura download dragons dwarves elves fogofwar forest fungi goblins grid grid-square humanoids humans magic monsters mystics necromancers orcs shopping siegeweapons sorcery spears steampowered summery summoning taxes trolls vernal walking warriormystics weefolk wintery witches
Mountain author (author)2014 abstract arthouse autumnal blankprotagonist charactercreation circadiancycle commercial download ending gameplayinn gameplayinn-ingenre genderneutral license-proprietary nature-theme osx osx-7 petrock protagonistdesigning space summery surreal timecompression titularcharacter undirected unity-engine unlockablecontent unvoicedprotagonist vernal virtualpets weathereffects wintery x86
Sir, You Are Being Hunted (Madam, You Are Being Hunted) Big Robot Entertainment (Big Robot Entertainment)2014 alarmers alphafunding androids autumnal bleeding british-theme capacity-slots circadiancycle compass corpselooting dark-limited displacementfiction firearms firstpersonshooter genderchoice humblestore humblewidget hunger idlenoise indicator-poi indicator-visibility island isolatedlocale limitedcapacity mapgenerator npclkpbehavior openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting robots sandbox savepoints scavenging selfluminance spokenonomatopoeia standingstones stealth stranded telescope titlementioned tutorial unity-engine wilderness willowisps
This War of Mine 11 bit studios (11 bit studios)2014 antiwar autumnal bleak circadiancycle civilianprotagonist crafting desaturated doorpeep doors download fatigue gog group hunger injuries inventory ladders randomevents rats ruins scavenging serious soundlocator stealth stealth-sound steampowered stylized survival survivalsimulation trading war
The Deer God Crescent Moon Games (Crescent Moon Games)2015 alphafunding animalprotagonist autumnal bees bigcats birds blocky butterflies caterpillars cervids circadiancycle download exploration foxes humans humblewidget jumping karma lagomorphs magical mice otters outdoors procreation reincarnation spiders steampowered subterranean summery unity-engine ursines vernal walking wintery wolves
Outlast Red Barrels (Red Barrels)2015 2010s airducts alone autumnal canadamediafund chromaticaberration depthoffield diaries doorpeep doors everyonesdead gog gore hiding indie insaneasylum jargon journalistprotagonist jumping jumpscares ladders lamp lamp-powered leaning ledges motionblur nightvision oculusrift outlast-series pacifisthorror peeking present solomission steampowered survivalhorror tutorial tutorial-noninteractive unrealengine3 walking zoom
Thief (Thi4f;Thief 4) Feral Interactive (Eidos Montreal;Feral Interactive)2015 airducts alarmers amdtrueaudio animals autosavepoints autumnal backstabbing bank beggars bioluminescence blindcreatures bludgeons bookends bossbattles bows brothel castle chapterreplay city clandestine cleargame clockpunk collectibles compass controlconfig dashing depthoffield difficulty difficulty-aspects distracting dodging doorpeep doors drugs dustmotes dystopian eavesdropping elevators eliteprotagonist energyitems factory falldamage fovoption fragileprotagonist fullbodyawareness haunting healingitems hiding house hud-dynamic humanoids humblestore inbuilttraps indicator-visibility ingamecinematics insaneasylum island itemglow itempickup-normal jumping keycodes ladders launcher leaning levelhub lightdousing limitedshopstock limitedsupplies lockpicking lockpicking-feedback lostcity magic magic-rare mansion mantleapi medieval minimap noenergyregen nudity objectiveindicator optionaltasks osx outbreak outlawprotagonist outlaws pickpocketing pressureplates prologue prostitutes rating-pegi-18 rebellion reboot recycledtitle rooftops ruins safeledges saveanywhere secondaryantagonist secrets sequence-escape shopping ssaa ssao stamina stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame steampowered steamworks stereoscopic stungrenades stunning subterranean temple thief-series thiefprotagonist timeskip tower trapdisarming unrealengine3 uvl-workingtitle visions walking weirdvision wwise zoom
The Flame in the Flood The Molasses Flood (The Molasses Flood)2016 alphafunding ambienttemperature animals autumnal backtrackingdenied bows capacity-slots circadiancycle companion crafting crowdfunded dynamicweather earth fatigue femaleprotagonist gog humblestore humblewidget hunger hypothermia injuries insects inventory island lamp limitedcapacity lowpoly mapgenerator permadeath postsocietal premadeprotagonist rafting rapid ravens recipes resting river roguelite ruins scavenging shallowwater snakes soundtrack splatter steampowered stylized thirst trapping usagereporting vaguedate walking wildboars wilderness wildlife wolves