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Worms Blast Feral Interactive (Team17)2004 bubbleshooter colormatching directmusic insectprotagonist osx osx-1 ppc ppcg3 rating-esrb-e uvl-missingimages visualmatching worms worms-series
Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love Doppler Interactive (Doppler Interactive)2014 abstract abstract-location colormatching commercial desura download grid grid-square humblewidget license-proprietary osx spheroidworld steampowered ubuntu unity-engine
HuniePop HuniePot (HuniePot)2015 4thwallbroken animatedcharacters censored circadiancycle colormatching contemporaryfantasy datingsim fanservice genderchoice humblewidget hybridgame interactivedialogs sprites steampowered tutorial x86 x86-32 x86-64
Intergalactic Bubbles Hellscape Games (Hellscape Games)2015 bubbleshooter colormatching commercial download fallingblocks indie langarabic langchinesesimpl langinsignificant license-proprietary match3 steampowered ubuntu visualmatching