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Bridge Construction Set (Pontifex 2)  GarageGames (Chronic Logic)200? constructionpuzzle cpu-g3 osx osx-1 physics sdl structuresupports
Bridge Building Game - (-)2000 constructing constructionpuzzle osx osx-5 physics ppc sdl structuresupports
Pipe Mania Virtual Programming (Virtual Programming)2008 commercial constructionpuzzle license-proprietary mp-cooperative mp-versus osx osx-4 ppc x86
World of Goo  2D BOY (2D BOY)2008 ♫amazinggrace achievements achievements-public amoeboids aspectratio-4-3 collective constructionpuzzle cpplanguage deadlydecor demo download guide humblebundle igfinnovationaward indie irrklang license-crossplatform music-disco opendynamicsengine opensolutions physics ppc sdl speech-gibberish steampowered steamworks structuresupports subterranean systemsdriven titlementioned vorbis windmills x86 xml
Besiege Spiderling Studios (Spiderling Studios)2015 alphafunding constructionpuzzle designing-freeform driving indevelopment osx splatter steampowered uvl-osversion vehicledesigning