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HOARD Big Sandwich Games (Big Sandwich Games)2011 achievements achievements-public breathweapons deathless demo dragonprotagonist dragons enemyhealthdisplay healingstations intimidation itempickup-auto mythicalprotagonist nocampaign openal opengl osx osx-5 rating-esrb-e rating-pegi-7 scoreoriented stealingnpcs steampowered steamworks story-none tilebased title-demo x360pad
Sanctum Coffee Stain Studios (Coffee Stain Studios)2012 3ormoreplayers achillesheelfoes actionstrategy addons alienmenace aliens alone assaultrifles autosavepoints bink bright crepuscularrays cryogenicweapons damageinfo deathless dedicatedclient depthoffield difficulty directconnect elevators eliteprotagonist encyclopedia erraticfoes femaleprotagonist flyingsporepods gibs indie jumping knockback leveleditor lightbloom locationaldamage militantprotagonist minionstats mp-cooperative multiphased nocampaign noports openfield opponentpreview osx physx precisionrifles ramparts rating-esrb-e10 rating-pegi-12 rockets sanctum-series scaleform screenshake serverbrowser shadermodel3 shotguns singlesave sizeispower solomission speechsynthesis ssao steampowered story-none structureupgrades teleporters teleporting towerdefense turrets tutorial tutorial-interactive unrealdevkit unrealengine3 upgradesystem vibrant voicechat walking waves weaponupgrades
Gravity Ghost Ivy Games (Ivy Games)2015 deathless download femaleprotagonist humblewidget magic nodrm nofailstate nonlethal space steampowered