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Europa Universalis II (Europa Universalis 2) Virtual Programming (Virtual Programming)2001 15thcentury 16thcentury 17thcentury 18thcentury 19thcentury acrossages ageofdiscovery ageofrevolution americanrevolutionarywar earlymodernperiod earth eontech europauniversalis europauniversalisengine europe fatbinary grandstrategy grid grid-irregular napoleonicwars osx osx-1 osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 osx0 ppc war x86
Hearts of Iron Virtual Programming (Paradox Development Studio;Mac Play)2003 1930s 1940s earth grandstrategy grid grid-irregular heartsofiron-series osx osx0 ppc ppcg3 war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Crusader Kings Virtual Programming (Paradox Interactive)2004 crusaderkings-series earth europe fatbinary governmentsimulation grandstrategy grid grid-irregular medieval middleages osx osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 ppc x86
Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun Mac Play (Paradox Interactive;Virtual Programming)2004 19thcentury grandstrategy grid grid-irregular reactionaries victoria-series
Crusader Kings II (Crusader Kings 2) Paradox Interactive (Paradox Interactive)2012 11thcentury 12thcentury 13thcentury 14thcentury 15thcentury aristocrats clausewitz-engine crusaderkings-series dedicatedclient diplomacy earth europe grandstrategy grid grid-irregular marriage medieval middleages rating-pegi-12 steampowered
Wizards and Warlords Valravn Games (Valravn Games)2017 4xstrategy commercial directx11 directx9 grandstrategy grid grid-hex indie leveleditor license-proprietary osx osx-8 shadermodel3 steampowered x86 x86-sse2