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Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood ? (Spellbound Entertainment)2004 1190s 12thcentury acrobatics alarmers alcohol ambushing apples axes ballistics beggars bludgeons bodydragging bossbattles bows carts castle circadiancycle city combatnets commercial corpselooting crafting demo difficulty earth england espionage europe forest gesturing group healing healingitems insects jumping langbrazil-port langslovak license-proprietary lockpicking medieval meleeweapons middleages minions missionbased naturalistic nets neutralnpcs optionaltasks outlawprotagonist pegasos ppc premadecharacters protect recruiting rescue robinhood scavenging shields shopping slings staves stealing stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound strangling suppression swords tactical taxes temple town train-location trapping traps unarmedfighting upgrades-abilities walking wallclimbing wasps weather x86
Amnesia: The Dark Descent  Frictional Games (Frictional Games)2010 1830s 18thcentury actionadventure adaptation-sight amnesia amnesia-series angelscript anxiety argevent autosavepoints biogrowth castle cloakednpcs constrainedlocale containers controlconfig controlloss cpplanguage crepuscularrays dark defenseless demo diaries distortedvision dollyzoom earth europe fearofnothing firelighter flashbacks grantfunded hallucinations healingitems health-multi hiding hpl2engine hplengine immobilewater indoors insects interlinkedlevels inventory inventory-indisposable involuntaryactions jumping keys kingdomofprussia laboratory lamp lamp-powered leaning leveleditor library limitedsupplies manualinteraction mapdeficient midastouch newtongamedynamics nordicgameprogram openal opengl osx osx-5 pacifisthorror paranormal past playerprofiles ppc psychologicalhorror quake quitsave rating-esrb-m retrypoints ruins runningcommentary screenshake sdl secrets secrets-mandatory sequence-escape serious shallowwater sightavoidance siminsanity stealth stealth-light stealth-sight steampowered survivalhorror tasktracker theora tutorial-integrated universalbinary vorbis walking windy x86
Bravada  Interbellum (Interbellum)2014 adv-perks amoeboids bossbattles carnivorousplants chiroptera crabs crystalentities demo desura dodgechance download dragons formations giantfungi giantinsects grid grid-square hostileflora indie insects landcephalopods magic mycoids osx osx-7 plantcreatures shopping steampowered subclassing tactical tutorial unity-engine unrootedplants veterancy
Flyhunter Origins Ripstone (Steel Wool Games)2014 alienprotagonist aliens earth hostileflora insects jetpack lilliputian opengl osx osx-5 osx-7 pseudo3d retrypoints secrets spiders x86
The Flame in the Flood The Molasses Flood (The Molasses Flood)2016 alphafunding ambienttemperature animals autumnal backtrackingdenied bows capacity-slots circadiancycle companion crafting crowdfunded dynamicweather earth fatigue femaleprotagonist gog humblestore humblewidget hunger hypothermia injuries insects inventory island lamp limitedcapacity lowpoly mapgenerator permadeath postsocietal premadeprotagonist rafting rapid ravens recipes resting river roguelite ruins scavenging shallowwater snakes soundtrack splatter steampowered stylized thirst trapping usagereporting vaguedate walking wildboars wilderness wildlife wolves