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Escape Velocity Nova (EV Nova;EVN)  Ambrosia Software (ATMOS;Ambrosia Software)2002 aybabtu darkspace escapecapsule escapevelocity extraterrestrial fatbinary fomalhautsystem gangs genderchoice openworld osclassic osx osx-1 osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 osx0 outlaws ppc quicktime rebellion shopping space spacecraft spacecraft-small stacsim thx-1138 upgradesystem uvl-imagequality x86
Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM) author (author)2006 1life abominations adv-static agriculture ancardia attackdefenseadjust cannibalism classbased curseditems desecration destructibleitems dragons dungeon encounters-random energyregen fatbinary floatingeyes genderchoice gremlins heroprotagonist hiddenattributes hunger hyperalimentation inventory inventory-unprotected itemidentification jokeitems karma karmiccreatures magic mapgenerator metamorphosis mitoticcreatures monsters mutation naming naming-companions naming-npcs nonlinear nonstandardcolors optionaltasks ordervschaos osx osx-4 osx-6 outlaws overworld owlbears permadeath placeswap potions ppc presetmaps psychicpowers psychics quitsave randomdamage randomizedeffects roguelike rotting sacrificing safeguards save-suspend shiftinglocale singlesave sorcery spawners specieschoice subterraneanforest tangibleabstracts teleport teleporters teleporting timeslicing transformativecorruption trolls undead unicorns worms x86 xp-kills xp-literal
Eschalon: Book I  Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2007 adv-ptdistr adv-static amnesia amoeboids aspectratio-4-3 automap axes blitzmax bludgeons bows capacity-weight castle cdrom cemetery chemistry circadiancycle dark-limited demo disease doors doors-breakable download encounters-random endlessopposition energyregen energyregen-slow episodic eschalonseries fasttravel fasttravel-points floatingeyes forest fortress giantinsects goblins gog graverobbing grid grid-square healthregen healthregen-slow illusionarywalls interactivedialogs inventory itemdurability lamp limitedcapacity lockpicking magic maleprotagonist medieval meleeweapons minimap minotaurs monsters multipleendings npcstrife openal opengl osx osx-3 outlaws passive resting ruins saveanywhere sequelhook shopping skeletons sorcery stealing stealth subterranean suicideattackers swords thrownweapons town undead variableabilitypower waiting wasteland wetland zombies
Eschalon: Book II  Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2010 adv-ptdistr adv-static amnesia amoeboids animals aspectratio-4-3 automap axes blitzmax bludgeons bodyarmor bows capacity-weight cave characterbackground charactercreation chemistry circadiancycle civilianprotagonist color-16bit color-32bit combatstyles containers criminalactivity damagetypes dark-limited demo dialog-sentences discriminatingcustomers disease display-1024x768 doors doors-breakable download dwarves dynamicweather energyitems energyregen energyregen-slow episodic eschalonseries explosiveobjects fofindicator forest freeaudio freeexpansions genderchoice genderdifference ghosts giantanimals giantinsects giantrats giantrodents giantspiders gog graverobbing grid grid-square healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow hunger ineptveteran insectoids interactivetriggers interrupting inventory itemdurability itemidentification jewelry keys knives lamp leveluprestoration limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magicrings meleeweapons mine minimap minotaurs monsters music-ambient music-orchestral neutralmonsters npcgenerators obscuredtime openal opengl optionaltasks outlaws overburdening passive polearms potions ppc pressureplates protagonistnaming pyrokinesis randomdamage randomizedattributes repairing resting ruins saveanywhere scrolls secrets secretsociety shallowwater shopping skeletons sorcery staticresolution stealing stealth stealth-sound subterranean swords taskfailure tasktracker teleporters thirst thoroughfares thrownweapons titlementioned town toxins trapdisarming traps trespassing unarmedfighting undead vandalism variableabilitypower variableactionpower waiting walking weathereffects weefolk wolves x86 xaudio xp-deeds xp-kills zombies
Cardinal Quest ? (?)2011 abilitycooldown classbased demo grid grid-square healingitems inventory lineofsight magic map meleeweapons minotaurs mystics osx outlaws sorcery uvl-osversion xp-kills
naev naev Team (naev Team)2011 darkspace extraterrestrial fatbin gangs genderchoice openal opengl opengl-1-1 osx osx-10 osx-11 osx-6 osx-7 osx-8 osx-9 outlaws ppc rebellion sdl shopping space spacecraft spacecraft-small upgradesystem uvl-osversion vorbis x86 x86-64
Assassin's Creed II (Assassin’s Creed 2;AC2)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2011 15thcentury 2010s aaa actionadventure alternatetimeline antivillain anvilengine aspectratio-16-9 assassinprotagonist assassinscreed automap balancebeams beggars bodydragging chasing city city-florence-it city-venice-it clandestine corpselooting cpplanguage criminalactivity crowds difficulty-single dodging doubleentendres download drm drm-login drm-online earlymodernperiod earth enemyhealthdisplay erraticlanguage europe fallimpact falsehistory future geneticmemory glitchvisuals grappling healingitems healingstations hiding highbornprotagonist horizontalbars indicator-poi indicator-threat italy itemglow jumping ladders ledges letterbox license-crossplatform map megacorps meleeweapons mercenaries multilingual neutralnpcs nohealthregen openworld optionaltasks osx outlaws parkour past pickpocketing prologue prostitutes quicktimeevent recurrence-character redeemingbeatdown revenge rooftops safeledges secretconflict secretsociety selfupdate shopping singlegenderopposition speech-italian stealing stealth stealth-sight steppingstones stockfootage stumbling swimming swords targetlock templar trespassing unarmedfighting undefinedelements unrestrictedviolence uvl-osversion virtualreality walking wallclimbing widescreen youngadultprotagonist
Rage (RⒶGE) Bethesda Softworks (id Software)2011 aimmode ammotypes arid assaultrifles biogrowth boomerangs buggy bunker cancelled canyon capacity-unlimited charging city compass corpselooting crossbows crystals cyborgs deployables difficulty dissolvingcorpses doors driving earth elevators empgrenades empweapons endlessopposition energyweapons explosiveobjects falldamage fictionalelement fromanothertime future gambling gianthumanoids giants grenadecooking grenades gunclubbing handguns healingitems healthregen healthregen-fast hideout hospital humanexperiments idtech5 indicator-route interactivetriggers inventory invisiblewalls ironsights itemglow ladders locationinfo minigames minimap mobilebombs mutants neutralnpcs news nofriendlyfire nohealthdisplay npcinjuries objectiveclairvoyance objectiveindicator openended optionaltasks osx outlaws overkill playerstats postapocalypse powerplant precisionrifles prison quadbike racing radar rating-esrb-t rebellion refinery reload-auto reload-manual remotecontrol robots ruins safezone saveanywhere secondwind secretfacility secrets sewers shopping shotguns splatter stealth subway suicideattackers tasktracker telescope temporarycompanions thrownweapons town trampling unknownpast unusualprotagonist unvoicedprotagonist upgradesystem walking wasteland weaponupgrades
Mafia II (Mafia 2) Feral Interactive (2K Czech;Feral Interactive)2011 1940s 1950s 20thcentury accuracy-motion aimmode alcohol ammomagazines antiheroprotagonist artdeco autosavepoints car chapterreplay chasing city clandestine clothing compass coversystem crimefiction criminalactivity demo difficulty doors drifting driving dynamicaccuracy earth familycar fictionalcity firearms gangsters grenades gtalike handguns healingstations healthregen healthregen-fast healthregen-stunted hispanicprotagonist historicalfiction holstering home illusionengine incendiarygrenades indicator-route indulgence instantkillers invisiblewalls killingblow kynapse lawenforcers lethalvelocity limitedcapacity lockpicking lostequipment machineguns mafia mafia-series map naturalistic neutralnpcs news northamerica nudity nvapex objectiveindicator openworld organizedcrime osx outlawprotagonist outlaws physx precisionrifles prison prostitutes radar screenshake sex shopping shotguns smokes speedlimits sportscar stealth submachineguns summery surfacevariations temporarycompanions timeskip tommygun trampling triad truck turrets unarmedfighting vaulting walking waypoints weathereffects wheeledvehicle wintery youngadultprotagonist
Rochard Recoil Games (Recoil Games)2011 bloodless bodyslamming caricature casino chapterreplay chapters cliffhanger collectibles crystals elevators explosives-sticky extraterrestrial fallbackweapon fallimpact forcefields gimmick gravitycontrol grenadelaunchers gunclubbing healthregen healthregen-fast healthwarning independentaim instantkillers jumping killingblow ladders lamp lawenforcers low-g mine npcdeflection oldskoolsurveillance outlaws overheating physics powerthrow pseudo3d remotedetonators robots ropeswinging screenshake secrets spacefaringage spacestation titularcharacter unity-engine visualizedtrajectory walking
Metro: Last Light (Metro 2;Metro 2034) Deep Silver (4A Games)2013 2030s 21stcentury 4aengine achillesheelfoes addons aimmode airducts ambientocclusion asphyxiation assaultrifles bioluminescence bossbattles bridge brothel capacity-toolslots cave chapters chargers city city-moscow-ru communists compass constrainedlocale controllablehelplessness damagedropoff dark day1dlc deadlywater demonoids difficulty distortedvision doors earth elevators fanservice firearms future gasmask giantspiders grenades handguns healingitems heavyweather hive humanoids incendiarygrenades indicator-visibility insectoids ironsights jigglephysics knives ladders lamp lasersight limitedcapacity lostequipment machineguns metro2033 militarybase mines monsters motionblur multibarrelguns mutants nazis neutralmonsters nightvision nohealthdisplay nudity objectplot outlaws paranormal pathengine physx postapocalypse precisionrifles prerenderedcinematics prostitutes psychics quarantine ragdollphysics rating-pegi-18 recursivereference refugees reload-manual rescuees rotaryguns ruins russia screenstaining secrets sequence-defend sequence-turret shallowwater shopping shotguns spectres splatter spoilertags ssaa staining stealth steampowered submachineguns subterranean tasktracker temple temporarycompanions thrownweapons town trapdisarming trivialobstacles undefinedelements urbanfantasy ursines uvl-workingtitle visiblelasers weaponcustomization wetland whispers
Septerra Core: Legacy of The Creator Monolith Productions (Valkyrie Studios)2015 adv-static alienplanet armcannons assaultrifles autosavepoints beamweapons bechdelwallace biotechnology cemetery city civilianprotagonist classbased color-16bit combatmode cyborgs dialog-keywords download emulated energyweapons exoticweapons fantasyworld femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse firearms flyingislands forest ghosts giantfungi gog grinding group group-subset implants initiative insectoids interactivedialogs inventory itempickup-instant loot-random magic meleeweapons monsters mushroomforest noports npcspawning osx outlaws polyplopicenemies posthumans premadeprotagonist prologue quicktime robots ruins saveanywhere sciencefantasy serious shellworld shopping sorcery stealing steampowered subterranean swords thx-1138 titularlocale town turnbasedcombat undead unhealthyundead viciouscycle voiceovers walking weaponimplants worldcore zombies zonednpcs
METRO 2033 Redux (Метро 2033 Редукс) Deep Silver (4A Games)2015 2030s 21stcentury 4aengine accuracy-motion accuracy-posture achievements achievements-public aimmode alcohol alternateattack alternatesolutions ammomagazines ammowarning amoeboids anomalies anticipatorysightings asphyxiation assaultrifles autosavepoints beggars biogrowth bioluminescence bleak book capacity-toolslots captives children city city-moscow-ru coldopen communists constrainedlocale corpselooting cpplanguage currency-unusual dark deathpits demonoids difficulty distortedvision doors download dreamworld dustmotes dynamicaccuracy earth eavesdropping elitemobs explosives-sticky facelessprotagonist fearofnothing firearms flamethrowers fofindicator future gasmask gore grenadecooking grenades gunclubbing hallucinations handcar handguns healingitems healthregen healthwarning hud-dynamic idleactivity indicator-visibility ironsights itemglow itempickup-instant jumping karmiccreatures knives ladders lamp lasersight library lightdousing limitedcapacity mandatoryloss meleeweapons metro2033 militarybase monsters motionblur multilingual multipleendings multipurposeresource mutants neutralnpcs nightvision nohealthdisplay npcgenerators objectiveindicator orphanprotagonist outlaws passageondemand pathengine physx postapocalypse projectilerecovery railway rating-esrb-m recoil recursivereference reimagining reload-auto reload-manual ruinedworld ruins russia scavenging secondaryconflict selfupdate sequence-defend sequence-escape sequence-survival sequence-turret serialkey shantytown shopping shotguns singlesave skipnoninteractive slavicprotagonist soldiers spearguns spectres speech-russian speech-slavic springguns ssao stealth stealth-light stealth-sight stealth-sound steampowered steamworks submachineguns subterranean subway tanks tasktracker telescope temporarycompanions tentaclecreatures theora thermalweapons thrownweapons title-animated titularlocale tower trapdisarming traps tripwires trivialobstacles unusualtools urbanfantasy uvl-workingtitle vorbis walking youngadultprotagonist
Thief (Thi4f;Thief 4) Feral Interactive (Eidos Montreal;Feral Interactive)2015 airducts alarmers amdtrueaudio animals autosavepoints autumnal backstabbing bank beggars bioluminescence blindcreatures bludgeons bookends bossbattles bows brothel castle chapterreplay city clandestine cleargame clockpunk collectibles compass controlconfig dashing depthoffield difficulty difficulty-aspects distracting dodging doorpeep doors drugs dustmotes dystopian eavesdropping elevators eliteprotagonist energyitems factory falldamage fovoption fragileprotagonist fullbodyawareness haunting healingitems hiding house hud-dynamic humanoids humblestore inbuilttraps indicator-visibility ingamecinematics insaneasylum island itemglow itempickup-normal jumping keycodes ladders launcher leaning levelhub lightdousing limitedshopstock limitedsupplies lockpicking lockpicking-feedback lostcity magic magic-rare mansion mantleapi medieval minimap noenergyregen nudity objectiveindicator optionaltasks osx outbreak outlawprotagonist outlaws pickpocketing pressureplates prologue prostitutes rating-pegi-18 rebellion reboot recycledtitle rooftops ruins safeledges saveanywhere secondaryantagonist secrets sequence-escape shopping ssaa ssao stamina stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame steampowered steamworks stereoscopic stungrenades stunning subterranean temple thief-series thiefprotagonist timeskip tower trapdisarming unrealengine3 uvl-workingtitle visions walking weirdvision wwise zoom
Space Rogue Night Dive Studios (Impression Software)2016 beamweapons commercial darkspace download energyweapons fasttravel gog joystick keyboard license-proprietary mouse nonnative osx outlaws raiders space spacecraft spaceflight stacsim stranded trading