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Diablo III (Diablo 3)  Blizzard Entertainment (Blizzard Entertainment)2012 3ormoreplayers actionrpg activeabilityset antagonistawareness automap caprinoids castle chapterreplay chapterreplay-cumulative childlock classbased claws combatstilettos crossworldcharacters demonicinvasion demons destructibleenvironment diablo difficulty-charscaling difficulty-players drm drm-online dungeon fasttravel-points fatties genderchoice ghosts giantmonsters gore hackandslash havokphysics humanoidanimals license-crossplatform lootemup magic meleeweapons minimap monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mp-dropin multilevelsecurity naga pinatacreatures polyplopicenemies premadecharacters rating-bbfc-15 rating-pegi-16 reanimators skeletons socketables sorcery souljar splatter stylized summoning swords taxonomy teleport titularcharacter treants unarmedfighting undead undeadanimals voiceovers zombies
Enter the Gungeon Devolver Digital (Dodgeroll Games)2016 commercial coversystem download energyweapons laserbolts license-proprietary pinatacreatures shopping