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Loren the Amazon Princess Winterwolves (Winterwolves)2012 2hmeleeweapons adv-ptdistr amazons aristocrats axes bodyarmor bossbattles bows castle city classbased classicwizards combatmode comboactions companion crossbows currency damagetypes defensebreaking demo demons desura difficulty dualwielding dwarves elves encounters-random fanservice femaleprotagonist fetish-breasts formations genderchoice goblins group healingitems highbornprotagonist homosexuals humans illequipped inventory itemcomparison knives knockback lesbians limitedcapacity magic meleeweapons monsters mountain mystics opponentpowerdisplay playerexposition priceinfo pythonlanguage racism-speciesism ragtaggang randomdamage renpy rescue romance sauroids saveanywhere search shopping sidetracked slavery sorcery steampowered swords threatsystem timeunits unconvincingarmor undead vampires visualnovel walking wasteland weefolk wetland wintery