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Fallout 2 (FO2) MacPlay (Black Isle Studios)2002 23rdcentury adv-perks alternatetimeline automap autoshotguns beamweapons botching california censored charactercreation circadiancycle cleargame combatmode cruelty-potential currency-unusual deathworld dingy doors earth energyweapons fallout fallout-engine fistloads future genderchoice giantinsects giantspiders gore graybrown grenades grid grid-hex homosexuals initiative injuries interactivedialogs isolationists karma knives lesbians locationaldamage lockpicking meleeweapons mutants neutralmonsters northamerica osclassic osx overworld parttargeting polearms postapocalypse powerarmor ragtaggang raygungothic retrofuture rotaryguns scorpions shopping stealing stealth thrownweapons timeunits town turnbasedcombat unarmedfighting wasteland weirdscience
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood ? (Spellbound Entertainment)2004 1190s 12thcentury acrobatics alarmers alcohol ambushing apples axes ballistics beggars bludgeons bodydragging bossbattles bows carts castle circadiancycle city combatnets commercial corpselooting crafting demo difficulty earth england espionage europe forest gesturing group healing healingitems insects jumping langbrazil-port langslovak license-proprietary lockpicking medieval meleeweapons middleages minions missionbased naturalistic nets neutralnpcs optionaltasks outlawprotagonist pegasos ppc premadecharacters protect recruiting rescue robinhood scavenging shields shopping slings staves stealing stealth stealth-sight stealth-sound strangling suppression swords tactical taxes temple town train-location trapping traps unarmedfighting upgrades-abilities walking wallclimbing wasps weather x86
Eschalon: Book I  Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2007 adv-ptdistr adv-static amnesia amoeboids aspectratio-4-3 automap axes blitzmax bludgeons bows capacity-weight castle cdrom cemetery chemistry circadiancycle dark-limited demo disease doors doors-breakable download encounters-random endlessopposition energyregen energyregen-slow episodic eschalonseries fasttravel fasttravel-points floatingeyes forest fortress giantinsects goblins gog graverobbing grid grid-square healthregen healthregen-slow illusionarywalls interactivedialogs inventory itemdurability lamp limitedcapacity lockpicking magic maleprotagonist medieval meleeweapons minimap minotaurs monsters multipleendings npcstrife openal opengl osx osx-3 outlaws passive resting ruins saveanywhere sequelhook shopping skeletons sorcery stealing stealth subterranean suicideattackers swords thrownweapons town undead variableabilitypower waiting wasteland wetland zombies
Dwarf Fortress (Slaves to Armok: God Of Blood - Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress) Bay 12 Games (Bay 12 Games)2008 4ormoreresources autosaves-periodic builders cannibalism children citybuilding clockpunk collapsingceiling colonysim crafting customtriggers dragons dwarvenprotagonist dwarves elves familyproject fanfunding fmod fortress fortresssimulation ghosts goblins godgame harvesters hunger internaldamage itemgenerator killerrabbits layers layers-interactive logicgates mapgenerator materials monsters naturalhazards nocampaign nostory openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting osx osx-3 persistentworld ppc resourceharvesting roguelike sandbox shieldbash skeletons stealing subterranean survivalsimulation town undead undertaking undirected vorbis weefolk weefolkprotagonist workers x86 zombies zoning
Eschalon: Book II  Basilisk Games (Basilisk Games)2010 adv-ptdistr adv-static amnesia amoeboids animals aspectratio-4-3 automap axes blitzmax bludgeons bodyarmor bows capacity-weight cave characterbackground charactercreation chemistry circadiancycle civilianprotagonist color-16bit color-32bit combatstyles containers criminalactivity damagetypes dark-limited demo dialog-sentences discriminatingcustomers disease display-1024x768 doors doors-breakable download dwarves dynamicweather energyitems energyregen energyregen-slow episodic eschalonseries explosiveobjects fofindicator forest freeaudio freeexpansions genderchoice genderdifference ghosts giantanimals giantinsects giantrats giantrodents giantspiders gog graverobbing grid grid-square healingitems healthregen healthregen-slow hunger ineptveteran insectoids interactivetriggers interrupting inventory itemdurability itemidentification jewelry keys knives lamp leveluprestoration limitedcapacity lockpicking magic magicrings meleeweapons mine minimap minotaurs monsters music-ambient music-orchestral neutralmonsters npcgenerators obscuredtime openal opengl optionaltasks outlaws overburdening passive polearms potions ppc pressureplates protagonistnaming pyrokinesis randomdamage randomizedattributes repairing resting ruins saveanywhere scrolls secrets secretsociety shallowwater shopping skeletons sorcery staticresolution stealing stealth stealth-sound subterranean swords taskfailure tasktracker teleporters thirst thoroughfares thrownweapons titlementioned town toxins trapdisarming traps trespassing unarmedfighting undead vandalism variableabilitypower variableactionpower waiting walking weathereffects weefolk wolves x86 xaudio xp-deeds xp-kills zombies
Assassin's Creed II (Assassin’s Creed 2;AC2)  Ubisoft (Ubisoft Montreal)2011 15thcentury 2010s aaa actionadventure alternatetimeline antivillain anvilengine aspectratio-16-9 assassinprotagonist assassinscreed automap balancebeams beggars bodydragging chasing city city-florence-it city-venice-it clandestine corpselooting cpplanguage criminalactivity crowds difficulty-single dodging doubleentendres download drm drm-login drm-online earlymodernperiod earth enemyhealthdisplay erraticlanguage europe fallimpact falsehistory future geneticmemory glitchvisuals grappling healingitems healingstations hiding highbornprotagonist horizontalbars indicator-poi indicator-threat italy itemglow jumping ladders ledges letterbox license-crossplatform map megacorps meleeweapons mercenaries multilingual neutralnpcs nohealthregen openworld optionaltasks osx outlaws parkour past pickpocketing prologue prostitutes quicktimeevent recurrence-character redeemingbeatdown revenge rooftops safeledges secretconflict secretsociety selfupdate shopping singlegenderopposition speech-italian stealing stealth stealth-sight steppingstones stockfootage stumbling swimming swords targetlock templar trespassing unarmedfighting undefinedelements unrestrictedviolence uvl-osversion virtualreality walking wallclimbing widescreen youngadultprotagonist
Ravensword: Shadowlands Crescent Moon Games (Crescent Moon Games)2013 actionadventure axes birds bludgeons bodyarmor bows crossbows dinosaurs firearms horses inventory lockpicking magic meleeweapons monsters mountedcombat pterodactyls pterosaurs ravensword-series riding stealing stealth steampowered swords thieving unusualmounts walking
Septerra Core: Legacy of The Creator Monolith Productions (Valkyrie Studios)2015 adv-static alienplanet armcannons assaultrifles autosavepoints beamweapons bechdelwallace biotechnology cemetery city civilianprotagonist classbased color-16bit combatmode cyborgs dialog-keywords download emulated energyweapons exoticweapons fantasyworld femaleprotagonist fictionaluniverse firearms flyingislands forest ghosts giantfungi gog grinding group group-subset implants initiative insectoids interactivedialogs inventory itempickup-instant loot-random magic meleeweapons monsters mushroomforest noports npcspawning osx outlaws polyplopicenemies posthumans premadeprotagonist prologue quicktime robots ruins saveanywhere sciencefantasy serious shellworld shopping sorcery stealing steampowered subterranean swords thx-1138 titularlocale town turnbasedcombat undead unhealthyundead viciouscycle voiceovers walking weaponimplants worldcore zombies zonednpcs
Invisible, Inc. (Incognita) Klei Entertainment (Klei Entertainment)2015 2070s actionsystem adv-perks alphafunding caricature clandestine classbased coversystem criminalactivity dartguns doorpeep doors enemylkp espionage facing fieldofvision firearms fragileprotagonist grid grid-square hacking hitchance humblewidget indicator-noise keys leaning lineofsight mapgenerator murderpenalty npclkpbehavior npcworldchangeawareness officebuilding outofturnactions pacifism permadeath precisionrifles radialmenu randomevents realisticdamage soundlocator stealing stealth stealth-sound stealthgame stunning tactical timespan-days trapping undefinedelements uvl-workingtitle visiblelasers xp-objects zoom
The Swindle Size Five Games (Size Five Games)2015 1840s alternatetimeline britain city-london-uk crepuscularrays destructibleenvironment doors download falldamage gog hacking instantdeath mapgenerator midairjumping oldskoolsurveillance outlawprotagonist paidkilling quicktimeevent robots screenshake stealing stealth steampowered steampunk teleport walljumping wallsliding
Thief (Thi4f;Thief 4) Feral Interactive (Eidos Montreal;Feral Interactive)2015 airducts alarmers amdtrueaudio animals autosavepoints autumnal backstabbing bank beggars bioluminescence blindcreatures bludgeons bookends bossbattles bows brothel castle chapterreplay city clandestine cleargame clockpunk collectibles compass controlconfig dashing depthoffield difficulty difficulty-aspects distracting dodging doorpeep doors drugs dustmotes dystopian eavesdropping elevators eliteprotagonist energyitems factory falldamage fovoption fragileprotagonist fullbodyawareness haunting healingitems hiding house hud-dynamic humanoids humblestore inbuilttraps indicator-visibility ingamecinematics insaneasylum island itemglow itempickup-normal jumping keycodes ladders launcher leaning levelhub lightdousing limitedshopstock limitedsupplies lockpicking lockpicking-feedback lostcity magic magic-rare mansion mantleapi medieval minimap noenergyregen nudity objectiveindicator optionaltasks osx outbreak outlawprotagonist outlaws pickpocketing pressureplates prologue prostitutes rating-pegi-18 rebellion reboot recycledtitle rooftops ruins safeledges saveanywhere secondaryantagonist secrets sequence-escape shopping ssaa ssao stamina stealing stealth stealth-light stealth-other stealth-sight stealth-sound stealthgame steampowered steamworks stereoscopic stungrenades stunning subterranean temple thief-series thiefprotagonist timeskip tower trapdisarming unrealengine3 uvl-workingtitle visions walking weirdvision wwise zoom
Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition (DOS:EE) Larian Studios (Larian Studios)2015 abilityranks ammotypes attrbasedeq automap autosavepoints bartering beach bloodmagic books bows burning capacity-weight charactercreation chickens classless combatmode comboactions conductivewater containers crafting criticalchance crowdfunded customengine damageinfo damageovertime dialog-cooperative directconnect divinity-series download enemyhealthdisplay ether extensible fasttravel-points fateless genderchoice gog granny3d group healingitems hitchance improvisedweapons intelligentanimals interactivedialogs inventory itemcomparison itemdurability itemglow itemidentification keys levelbasedeq leveleditor license-crossplatform limitedcapacity lineofsight lockbreaking lockpicking luggage lutris magic magicstaves minigames minimap mixedtime modifiable monsters mp-campaign mp-cooperative mpfocus multiprotagonists mutablescenery-small nodrm nohealthregen nplayers orcs pickpocketing pressureplates protagonistnaming pumpkin rangefinder rating-pegi-16 rating-usk-16 resourcetransfer ruins saveanywhere screenautosplit screenshake secrets selfluminance shallowwater skeletons softabilitycap sorcery speakingstones speakwithanimals statuseffects stealing stealthmode steampowered systemsdriven teleport terrain timeunits town tradewithanyone trapdisarming tucarryover turnbasedcombat undead undeadanimals vendortrash visualizedtrajectory wetting xp-kills xp-shared zombies zoom