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Gorky17 (Odium) e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment (Metropolis Software)2002 2000s 21stcentury earth europe facing firearms future gorky grid grid-square itemglow latemodernperiod meleeweapons militantprotagonist monsters mutants poland tacticalrpg thermalweapons turnbasedcombat xp-literal
The Banner Saga Versus Evil (Stoic Studio)2013 actionsystem adobeair alternatingprotagonist autosavepoints chapters crowdfunded defensebreaking episodic flash fmod gianthumanoids grid grid-square humanoids indie interactivedialogs legaldisputes lowfantasy middleagedprotagonist mode-practice morale narrativedriven parentprotagonist rotoscoping steampowered subtitledeficient tacticalrpg thebannersaga uvl-steamcoveragecheck vikings wintery
Expeditions: Conquistador bitComposer Entertainment (Logic Artists)2013 1510s 16thcentury 2ndmillennium ageofdiscovery combatmode crowdfunded currency desura dialog-tree disease download earlymodernperiod earth gog gold grid grid-hex lineofsight mesoamerican-theme mexico naturalistic northamerica past realworld steampowered tactical tacticalrpg trapping traps
Jagged Alliance Flashback Full Control (Full Control)2014 1980s caribbean coversystem crowdfunded download earth firearms grid grid-square group hitchance inventory island jaggedalliance leveleditor malfunctioning mercenaryprotagonist missionbased naturalistic osx overworld persistentminions present privatemilitarycompanies rebellion recruiting serious tactical tacticalrpg