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Murder, She Wrote Focus Multimedia (Legacy Games)2009 clickadventure earth episodic femaleprotagonist murdershewrote naturalistic osx tvseries
The Tudors  Merscom (Daedalic Entertainment)2010 britain espionage france hiddenobject hintsystem italy osx osx-4 ppc spain tvseries
Firefly Online (Firefly Online Cortex) Quantum Mechanix (Quantum Mechanix;Spark Plug Games)2015 free2play future space tvseries
Star Trek: Judgment Rites Interplay Entertainment (Interplay Productions;Triton Interactive)2015 clickadventure color-8bit dosbox download extraterrestrial future keyboard mouse nonnative opengl osx osx-7 startrek startrek-engine tvseries uvl-confusable x86