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Second Life Linden Research (Linden Research)2003 datacaching furnishing mmog nocampaign nofailstate nostory openworld osx prostitutes sandbox ugc undirected uvl-osversion
EVE Online CCP Games (CCP Games)2007 afterearth alphastrike backgroundprogress cargojettisoning characterbackground clansystem corporatewarfare damagedropoff download dronebays escapecapsule eve-universe excessivewaiting extraterrestrial future genderchoice ingamebrowser inventory-vehicles marketfluctuation megacorps mmog moderationbenefit openpvp openworld optimalrange osx osx-4 osx-5 playereconomy playergoverned posthumans protagonistdesigning pve pvp pvpfocus rating-esrb-t sandbox space spacecraft spacecraft-large spacefaringage stacsim undirected vehiclecustomization x86
Dwarf Fortress (Slaves to Armok: God Of Blood - Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress) Bay 12 Games (Bay 12 Games)2008 4ormoreresources autosaves-periodic builders cannibalism children citybuilding clockpunk collapsingceiling colonysim crafting customtriggers dragons dwarvenprotagonist dwarves elves familyproject fanfunding fmod fortress fortresssimulation ghosts goblins godgame harvesters hunger internaldamage itemgenerator killerrabbits layers layers-interactive logicgates mapgenerator materials monsters naturalhazards nocampaign nostory openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting osx osx-3 persistentworld ppc resourceharvesting roguelike sandbox shieldbash skeletons stealing subterranean survivalsimulation town undead undertaking undirected vorbis weefolk weefolkprotagonist workers x86 zombies zoning
Minecraft Mojang (Mojang)2011 agriculture alphafunding anaglyphic axes bizarreenvironments blockbased blocky bombs bows buildingdesigning cartoonbones cipherlang commercial constructing cooking crafting crafting-ammo crafting-sites customtriggers darkisevil dedicatedclient demo destructibleenvironment destructibleworld digging doors doors-breakable drm drm-login drm-online dynamicweather ecosystems energydistribution expandingmap exploration falldamage fanfunding farming firesuppression fishing flatterrain foraging fovoption freesound furnishing host-dataimport hunger hunting indie inventory inventory-supplies java jumping knockback ladders lava limitedcapacity logging logicgates lowpoly lwjgl mapgenerator mapgenerator-live minecarts minibosses monsters mp-crossplatform mp-ctf mp-dropin netty nocampaign nofailstate noinvpause nostory openal opengl openworld openworldsurvivalcrafting periodicdangers persistentworld phasetransitions pickaxe pressureplates prospecting rain randomseed resourceprocessing roughterrain sandbox selfupdate serialkey shapedsprites shovels silviculture skeletons spiders spreadingvegetation ssao subterranean suicideattackers terraindeformation textureatlas tilebased tooltips touchscreen tripwires undead undirected vorbis walking wildlife zombies
The Stanley Parable Galactic Cafe (Galactic Cafe)2013 alone arthouse download multipleendings narrativedriven narrator no4thwall parody recursivereference simonsays steampowered titlementioned titularcharacter undirected walkingsimulator
SteamWorld Dig Image & Form (Image & Form)2013 actionadventure digging download equipmentbased future gog inventory jumping mapgenerator monsters openal opengl prospecting robotprotagonist robots spacefaringage steampowered steampunk steamworld-series subterranean tilebased town undirected walking walljumping western
Mountain author (author)2014 abstract arthouse autumnal blankprotagonist charactercreation circadiancycle commercial download ending gameplayinn gameplayinn-ingenre genderneutral license-proprietary nature-theme osx osx-7 petrock protagonistdesigning space summery surreal timecompression titularcharacter undirected unity-engine unlockablecontent unvoicedprotagonist vernal virtualpets weathereffects wintery x86
Salem Mortal Moments (Mortal Moments;Seatribe)2015 17thcentury colonialism containers crafting free2play gaslampfiction gothic lighthearted mmog openbeta openpvp openworld permadeath pvp rating-esrb-e sandbox undirected
Hearthlands ArtefactGames (ArtefactGames;Sergio & Simon)2017 alphafunding aristocratprotagonist download drm ghosts goblins indirectcontrol keep magic medieval monsters nodrm openworld prospecting steampowered undirected