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Checker King Personal Software (Personal Software)1980 atari400 atari800 cassette checkers commercial earth grid grid-square jumping keyboard langinsignificant latemodernperiod license-proprietary naturalistic present traditional uvl-confusable
Haunted House Creative Computing Software (Creative Computing Software)1980 atari400 atari800 cassette commercial interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary wordinput
Memory Builder: Concentration Program Design (Program Design)1980 5.25disk cassette commercial edu-memory femaleauthor keyboard license-proprietary naturalistic pairsgame visualmatching
Tank Trap Quality Software (Quality Software)1980 5.25disk atari400 atari800 basic cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary tank
Minotaur Atari Program Exchange (Atari Program Exchange)1981 5.25disk basic cartridge cassette commercial joystick license-proprietary minotaurs monsters
Computer Baseball Strategy The Avalon Hill Game Company (4D Interactive Systems)1982 atari400 atari800 baseball cassette commercial earth keyboard license-proprietary naturalistic score
Princess and the Frog (Princess and Frog;The Princess and the Frog)  Romox (Romox)1982 ♫music alligators amphibianprotagonist animalprotagonist cartridge commercial horses humanprotagonist joystick knights license-proprietary maleprotagonist medieval middleages river score snakes timelimit voiceovers
Shootout at the OK Galaxy Avalon Hill Game Company (Microcomputer Games)1982 atari400 atari800 basic cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Twerps Sirius Software (Sirius Software)1982 5.25disk atari400 atari800 commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Time Runner Funsoft (Funsoft)1982 5.25disk atari400 atari800 cassette commercial joystick license-proprietary
Don't Shoot That Word! Hayden Software (Hayden Software)1983 5.25disk atari400 atari800 cassette commercial joystick license-proprietary
Hey Diddle Diddle Spinnaker Software (Spinnaker Software)1983 5.25disk basic cartridge commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Lords of Time Level 9 Computing (Level 9 Computing)1983 commercial frog future home humans iceage interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary middleages past present robots tigers timetravel uvl-missingmedia wordinput
Pinball Construction Set  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1983 free leveleditor license-mit license-proprietary licensechange pinball uvl-missingmedia
Planetfall  Infocom (Infocom)1983 5.25disk commercial hunger interactivefiction keyboard license-proprietary wordinput
Snowball Level 9 Computing (Level 9 Computing)1983 atari400 atari800 atarixl commercial femaleprotagonist keyboard license-proprietary uvl-missingmedia
Spider Eater Koala Technologies (Koala Technologies)1983 commercial koalapad license-proprietary touchpad
TAC: Tactical Armor Command The Avalon Hill Game Company (The Avalon Hill Game Company)1983 5.25disk commercial license-proprietary past war worldwar2
Ankh Datamost (Datamost)1984 commercial flipscreens license-proprietary uvl-missingmedia
Ernie's Magic Shapes CBS Software1984 cartridge commercial jimhenson license-proprietary muppets sesamestreet
Flak Funsoft (Funsoft)1984 2090s 21stcentury 3rdmillennium commercial future license-proprietary lives score uvl-missingmedia
Math Mileage CBS Software (K-Byte)1984 cartridge cassette commercial edu-math joystick license-proprietary math
Mr. Robot and the Robot Factory Datamost (Datamost)1984 cartridge claiming commercial directionalforce directionalforce-movingsurface explosives joystick jumping keyboard ladders leveleditor license-proprietary lives naturalistic robots score serious timelimit walking
Playful Professor: Math Tutor Screenplay (Intelligent Statements)1984 5.25disk assette atari400 atari800 atarixl commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary
Romper Room's I Love My Alphabet First Star Software (Fountainhead Software)1984 5.25disk commercial keyboard license-proprietary