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Blue Max: 2001 XE (Blue Max XE: 2001) ? (?)? cartridge platformreference XEGS
Super Pac-Man XE ? (?)? pacman pacmanlike platformreference uvl-missingmedia XEGS
Jet Boot Jack (Jet Boot Jack XE) The English Software Company (The English Software Company)1984 cartridge platformreference xegs
Fight Night XE (Fight Night) Atari (Atari)1985 boxing cartridge platformreference xegs
Karateka (Karateka XE)  Brøderbund;Atari (Brøderbund;Atari)1985 cartridge did karate martialarts platformreference rescue unarmedfighting walking xegs
Battlezone (Battlezone XE;Battle Zone)  Atari (Atari)1987 cartridge lives platformreference score tank tanks xegs
Blue Max XE Atari (Atari)1987 5.25disk cartridge platformreference XEGS
David's Midnight Magic XE Atari (Atari)1987 cartridge platformreference XEGS
Choplifter! XE  Atari (Atari)1988 aerodyne cartridge choplifter helicopter platformreference rescue rotorcraft tanks xegs
Dark Chambers XE (Dandy) Atari (Atari)1988 actionadventure cartridge dandylike dungeoncrawler platformreference uvl-confusable XEGS
Mario Bros. (Mario Bros. XE)  Atari (Atari)1988 cartridge crabs endless instantdeath mario mario-universe platformreference score testudines xegs
Necromancer XE Atari (Atari)1988 5.25disk cartridge multisequence mysticprotagonist platformreference xegs