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Collide ? (?)? commercial dodging landvehicle license-proprietary machinecodelang osic1p wheeledvehicle
Intercepter ? (?)? alieninvasion commercial license-proprietary machinecodelang osic1p protect score
Labyrinth ? (?)? commercial license-proprietary monsters
Minos Victory Software (Victory Software)? 5.25disk commercial license-proprietary osic1 osic1p
Monster Maze ? (?)? cassette commercial ghosts keyboard license-proprietary lives machinecodelang monsters osic1p osic2 osic4 score
Sneaky Snake  author (author)? 1life commercial langinsignificant license-proprietary score scoreoriented snakegame
Time Trek ? (?)? commercial license-proprietary osic2 osic4
Breakthru Aardvark Technical Services (Aardvark Technical Services)1969 breakoutlike cassette commercial joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives score typein
Tank Trap SPD Software (SPD Software)1977 cassette commercial license-proprietary tank
Tank Trap SPD Software (SPD Software)1977 cassette commercial license-proprietary snakegame
Battlefleet (BFLEET) Aardvark Technical Services (Aardvark Technical Services)1978 battleshipgame cassette commercial earth keyboard license-proprietary naturalistic osic4p typein
Tank for Two Aardvark Technical Services (Aardvark Technical Services)1978 arenashooter basic cassette commercial earth keyboard langinsignificant license-proprietary naturalistic nplayers sourcecodeavailable tank tanks
Golf Challenger Progressive Computing (Progressive Computing)1979 1bitcolor cassette commercial earth golf keyboard license-proprietary naturalistic osic1p score scoreoriented
Slashball Aardvark Technical Services (Aardvark Technical Services)1979 cassette commercial keyboard license-proprietary score typein
Invaders Premier Publications (Premier Publications)1981 binarycolor cassette color-1bit commercial cover cover-destructible keyboard license-proprietary lives osic1p osic2 osic4 score scoreoriented uvl-confusable