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Mission Elevator  Eurogold (Eurogold)1987 elevators espionage firearms lives score
TNT (T.N.T.)  Infogrames (Infogrames)1987 3.5disk commercial firearms jungle license-proprietary lives militantprotagonist runandgun score wetland
Army Moves  Imagine;Ocean (Dinamic)1988 birds firearms fuel helicopter helicopters jeep ladders lives militantprotagonist rockets score scrollingshooter submarines walking
Exolon  Hewson (Hewson)1988 aimdirlimit alone firearms grenades lives noingameintro runandgun score turrets walking
Fernandez Must Die  Image Works (Image Works)1988 firearms lives militantprotagonist runandgun score tanks trains
Game Over II (Phantis)  Dinamic (Dinamic)1988 femaleprotagonist firearms lives runandgun
Joe Blade  Players;Digitek (Players;Digitek)1988 firearms score walking
Leatherneck  Microdeal (Microdeal)1988 firearms lives runandgun score
Mata Hari  Loriciels (Loriciels)1988 explosives femaleprotagonist firearms ladders realprotagonist robots spyprotagonist
Operation Wolf  Ocean (Ocean)1988 firearms grenades helicopters jungle militantprotagonist operationwolf rescue score
Platoon  Ocean (Choice Software)1988 firearms forest grenades jungle militantprotagonist movie runandgun score tropic vietnam vietnamwar walking
Rolling Thunder  U.S. Gold (Tiertex)1988 firearms handguns rollingthunder runandgun score timelimit
Techno Cop (TechnoCop)  Gremlin Graphics;U.S. Gold (Imagexcel)1988 carcombat firearms future lawenforcerprotagonist score timelimit vehicularcombat
Airborne Ranger  MicroProse (Imagitec Design)1989 firearms grenades militantprotagonist plains stealth walking wasteland wintery
Cabal  Ocean (Ocean)1989 firearms grenades lives militantprotagonist score
Chicago 30's (Chicago's 30)  Topo Soft;U.S. Gold (Topo Soft)1989 1930s 20thcentury city-chicago-il firearms gangsters instantdeath outlaws prohibitionera runandgun
Commando  Elite (Elite)1989 firearms grenades instantdeath lives militantprotagonist runandgun score
Dogs of War  Elite (Elite)1989 firearms lives runandgun score
Licence to Kill (James Bond 007: Licence to Kill)  Domark (Quixel)1989 007 explosiveobjects firearms helicopter ingametitle lives movie runandgun score specialagentprotagonist swimming truck
Mayday Squad (Mayday Squad Heroes)  Tynesoft (Subway Software)1989 firearms grenades terrorists
Operation Thunderbolt  Ocean (Ocean)1989 africa africa-north earth firearms grenades helicopters lives militantprotagonist operationwolf rescue score tanks terrorists
Robocop  Ocean (Ocean)1989 2040s 21stcentury 3rdmillennium bossbattles city-detroit-mi cybernetics cyberpunk cyborgprotagonist cyborgs earth firearms future handguns ingametitle lawenforcerprotagonist megacorps movie naturalistic northamerica robocop robots runandgun transhumanism walking
SAS Combat Simulator (S.A.S. Combat Simulator)  Codemasters (Codemasters)1989 firearms grenades knives lives militantprotagonist runandgun score
Soldier 2000  Artronic Products (Artronic Products)1989 femaleprotagonist firearms score
The Last Trooper  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1989 firearms lives score