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Hex Mark of the Unicorn (Mark of the Unicorn)1985 grid grid-hex
Great Battles 1789-1965 (Great Battles) Royal Software (Royal Software)1986 grid grid-hex wargame
Ogre  Origin Systems (MicroMagic)1987 2010s 21stcentury future grid grid-hex hovervehicles hybridage-theme leveleditor nuclearweapons tabletoptiein tank tanks wargame
UMS (Universal Military Simulator)  Rainbird (Intergalactic Development)1987 11thcentury 17thcentury 1860s 19thcentury addons americancivilwar ancientgreece antiquity battleofwaterloo bc4thcentury britain england grid grid-hex grid-square napoleonicwars usa war wargame
Firezone (Fire Zone)  PSS (Arcadia)1988 future grid grid-hex leveleditor wargame
Full Metal Planète  Infogrames (Hitech Productions)1989 boardgametiein grid grid-hex
Red Lightning  SSI (SSI)1989 grid grid-hex war wargame
Warriors of Releyne Impressions (Impressions)1992 grid grid-hex leveleditor wargame