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ST Karate  Eidersoft;Prism Leisure (Paradox)1986 asia-east karate martialarts platformreference
ST Protector (ST-Protector) Eidersoft;Prism Leisure (Paradox)1986 platformreference
International Soccer (ST Soccer)  Microdeal (Microdeal)1987 platformreference soccer
ST Pool  Shelbourne Software (Shelbourne Software)1987 8ball cuesports mouse platformreference
ST Wars  Miles Computing;DataByte (Miles Computing;DataByte)1987 platformreference score
Turbo ST  Prism Leisure (Prism Leisure)1987 formula1 platformreference
ST Hack Station (Station)1988 platformreference roguelike
ST Encounter  Novagen (Novagen)1991 platformreference