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International Hockey (Ice Hockey;Slapshot;Slapshot II: International Hockey)  Advantage Artworx;Anco (Advantage Artworx;Anco)1985 hockey icehockey
Face Off!  Activision;Gamestar (MindSpan)1987 hockey icehockey
Hat Trick  Capcom (Capcom)1987 hockey icehockey
Superstar Ice Hockey (American Ice Hockey)  Mindscape (DesignStar Consultants)1987 hockey icehockey
Bully  Markt & Technik (Markt & Technik)1988 hockey icehockey magazinecover
Powerplay Hockey (Power Play Hockey: USA vs USSR)  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1988 hockey icehockey
Blades of Steel  Konami (Konami)1990 hockey icehockey
Karamalz Cup  Henninger (The Art Department)1993 advergame hockey icehockey