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Frogrun 64 ? platformreference
Poker 64 Micro Application (Micro Application)? platformreference poker
Star Trek 64 (Trek 64)  ? (?)19?? extraterrestrial future platformreference space spacecraft startrek uvl-tiein
Fire Fighter 64 Luna Software1982 platformreference
Flight 64 Fantasy Computerware1982 platformreference
Hunter Killer 64 ?1982 platformreference
Miner 64 (Miner!;Bergwerk;Goudmijn;Goldgräber;Klondike: Das Goldgräberspiel)  Wicked Software;Cursor Magazine;Robtek (Wicked Software;Cursor Magazine;Robtek)1982 digging platformreference subterranean
Arcadia 64  Imagine (Imagine)1983 instantdeath lives platformreference score
Clown 64 ?1983 platformreference
Commodore 64 Car Race Michael Meiszl (Michael Meiszl)1983 platformreference
Crazy Kong 64 (Crazy Kong)  Interceptor Software (Interceptor Software)1983 ladders lives platformreference score
Frogger 64 Interceptor Software (Interceptor Software)1983 froggerlike platformreference
Gulper 64  - (-)1983 claiming pacmanlike platformreference
International Soccer (International Football;International Soccer III;Mondiale '86;Mondiali '86;Voetbal 64;Soccer III;Bonduelle Soccer;Cup Final;Fast Soccer;Futbol)  Commodore (Commodore)1983 platformreference soccer
Jumpingjack 64 (Jumping Jack 64)  Compute!;Robtek (Compute!;Robtek)1983 ladders platformreference
Panic 64 Interceptor Software (Interceptor Software)1983 platformreference
Pilot 64  Abbex Software (Abbex Software)1983 aeroplane passengeraircraft platformreference
Rox 64 (Rox-64;Rox;Meteors)  Llamasoft (Llamasoft)1983 platformreference
Ski-er 64 Micro Application (author)1983 cassette platformreference skiing
Spriteman 64 (Sprite Man)  Interceptor Software (Interceptor Software)1983 platformreference
Voyager 64 Billy Soft1983 platformreference
Cricket 64  CRL (CRL)1984 cricket platformreference
Invaders 64 (Invaders)  Livewire (Livewire)1984 aliens fixedshooter instantdeath lives platformreference score
Sub Hunt (Sub Hunt 64)  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1984 fish lives platformreference score submarine underwater
Tom (Tom 64;Tom Thumb) Anirog (Kingsoft)1984 cassette commercial joystick license-proprietary platformreference