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Rendezvous with Rama  Telarium;Trillium (Telarium;Trillium)1984 22ndcentury arthurcclarke book future interactivefiction megastructure spacecraft-location wordinput
Paradroid  Hewson (Graftgold)1985 arenashooter robots spacecraft-location
Rasterscan  Mastertronic (Binary Design)1987 spacecraft-location
N.E.I.L. (Neil Android)  Alternative Software (Alternative Software)1988 2090s 21stcentury 3rdmillennium aliens cassette future joystick lives score spacecraft-location walking
Pandora  Firebird (PSI Software)1988 spacecraft-location
Die Alien Slime (Die! Alien Slime)  Mastertronic (Pagoda Software)1989 aliens runandgun score spacecraft-location timelimit walking
Heavy Metal Paradroid  Rack-It Hewson (Graftgold)1989 robots spacecraft-location
Project Firestart  Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1989 aliens spacecraft-location