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Bugs (Bugs 64)  author (author)19?? insects spiders
Centipede  Atari (Atari)1983 centipede centipedes fixedshooter fleas lives score scorpions spiders
Dino Eggs  Micro Fun (Micro Fun)1983 dinosaurs disease ladders outbreak past prehistoric-theme snakes spiders timetravel
Apple Cider Spider  Sierra On-Line (Sierra On-Line)1984 animalprotagonist arachnidprotagonist frog lives score spiders
Lost Tomb  Datasoft (Datasoft)1984 lives score spiders timelimit
Montezuma's Revenge  Parker Brothers (Parker Brothers)1984 alone cemetery ladders lives mesoamerican-theme metroidvania montezumasrevenge-series score snakes spiders subterranean
Realm of Impossibility Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts)1984 magic mp-cooperative opticalillusions scrolls snakes spiders zombies
The Dallas Quest  Datasoft;U.S. Gold (Datasoft;U.S. Gold)1984 ♫brahmslullaby ♫rowyourboat 1980s 20thcentury aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-location airport anacondas arid bigcats birds cannibals cattle city-dallas-tx city-parker-tx city-plano-tx coconuts companion crazedanimals digging domesticcats earth fasttravel giantanimals giantrats giantrodents giantspiders helicopters hippo horses house interactivefiction inventory jaguars jewelry jungle ladders lamp langsnamericanenglishdialects langtexasdialects latemodernperiod longhorns magical magicrings map monkeys northamerica owls parrots peru plains playapeligro precisionrifles primates rats realworld river rodents rural shovels smokes snakes southamerica spiders testudines texas tombstones town trapdoors tvseries usa vultures walking watercraft-small weather
Finders Keepers  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1985 claiming fortress ingametitle knights lives magicknight-series nofalldamage spiders walking
Boing  Bubble Bus (Bubble Bus)1986 1life falldamage moneybags spiders
Nosferatu the Vampyre  Macmillan;Piranha (Macmillan;Piranha)1986 mansion movie roombased spiders vampires
Olli & Lissa: The Ghost of Shilmoore Castle  Firebird (Firebird)1987 castle chiroptera ghosts nonhumanprotagonist score scotland spiders walking
Super Robin Hood  Codemasters (Codemasters)1987 bows castle did elevators england falldamage keys ladders medieval outlawprotagonist rescue robinhood score spiders uvl-tiein walking
Wonder Boy  Activision (Activision)1987 birds bossbattles chiroptera did elevators fish forest frog island lives nofalldamage octopus rescue score skateboard snails snakes spiders subterranean thrownweapons walking wonderboy
Danger Valley  Input 64 (Input 64)1988 magazinecover spiders
Pool of Radiance (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Pool of Radiance)  SSI (SSI Special Projects Group)1988 adnd basilisks centaurs combatmode dnd encounters-timed forgottenrealms frog ghouls giants gnolls goblins goldboxengine kobolds medieval minotaurs mummies ogres orcs pascal poolofradiance sauroids scorpions skeletons spiders tigers transgendered trolls undead uvl-tiein vampires wildboars zombies
Baby Blues  Mastertronic;CP Verlag (Software Creations)1990 birds score spiders
Blinky's Scary School  Zeppelin Games (Zeppelin Games)1990 castle chiroptera fish frog ghosts insects inventory lives mice snails spectralprotagonist spiders
Dark Caves  CP Verlag (CP Verlag)1994 bombs caveflying jetpack lives magazinecover score spiders subterranean