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Halaga  Interceptor Micros Software (Interceptor Micros Software)? fixedshooter
Tarantulas  ? (?)? fixedshooter
Zombies  Mikro-Gen (Mikro-Gen)? fixedshooter
Airport '82  JRS Software (JRS Software)1982 fixedshooter
Arcadia  Imagine (Imagine)1982 fixedshooter
Centipede  DKTronics (DKTronics)1982 centipede centipedes fixedshooter fleas scorpions spiders
Cyber Rats  Silversoft (Silversoft)1982 fixedshooter
Galaxians  Artic Computing (Artic Computing)1982 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Invaders (Space Invasion)  Artic Computing (Artic Computing)1982 aliens fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Invasion Force (Spectrum Invasion Force)  Artic Computing (Artic Computing)1982 alieninvasion fixedshooter score
Space Intruders  Quicksilva (Quicksilva)1982 fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Space Raiders  Psion Software (Psion Software)1982 fixedshooter lives score
Spectral Invaders  Bug-Byte (Bug-Byte)1982 fixedshooter
Storm-Fighters  Dixie Software (Dixie Software)1982 fixedshooter
Alien  Cascade Games (Cascade Games)1983 aliens fixedshooter score
Alien Blaster  Century Publishing (Century Publishing)1983 aliens fixedshooter magazine score
Alien Swarm  Titan Programs (Titan Programs)1983 fixedshooter
Astro Blaster  Quicksilva (Quicksilva)1983 fixedshooter
Bubble Buster  Sinclair Research (Hudson Soft)1983 fixedshooter
Cannon Ball  Hudson (Hudson)1983 fixedshooter pang
Centipede  Vectis Software (Vectis Software)1983 centipede fixedshooter
Centipede (Centipede Attack)  Sinclair User (Sinclair User)1983 centipede fixedshooter
Centipedes  EMM Software (BB Design)1983 centipede fixedshooter
Centropods  Rabbit Software (Rabbit Software)1983 fixedshooter
Cosmic Guerrilla  Crystal Computing (Crystal Computing)1983 fixedshooter