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Ghostbusters  Activision (James Software)1984 city-newyork-ny ghostbusters ghosts movie spc-128k-enhanced urbanfantasy
Lode Runner  Software Projects ( Platinum Productions)1984 claiming digging ladders leveleditor lives loderunner predictablenpcs score spc-128k-enhanced trapping ystop100
Daley Thompson's Super-Test (Daley Thompson's Supertest)  Ocean (Ocean)1985 bicycle daleythompson hurdles hurdles-110m javelinthrow lives multisport professionalathlete rowing score skiing skijumping slalom slalomskiing soccer spc-128k-enhanced sprint sprint-100m trackandfield trackcycling triplejump waterdiving wintery
Elite  Firebird (Torus)1985 elite openworld space spc-128k-enhanced stacsim trading ystop100
Nodes of Yesod  Odin (Odin)1985 spc-128k-enhanced
Odd Job Eddie  Strobe (Strobe)1985 claiming instantdeath lives nofalldamage score spc-128k-enhanced
Rasputin  Firebird (Firebird)1985 spc-128k-enhanced walking
Spellbound  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1985 castle knights magicknight-series nofalldamage roombased spc-128k-enhanced walking
The Arc of Yesod (Arc of Yesod)  Thor Computer Software (Thor Computer Software)1985 lives spc-128k-enhanced
The Neverending Story  Ocean (Ocean)1985 book interactivefiction movie spc-128k-enhanced theneverendingstory wordinput
The Rocky Horror Show  CRL (CRL)1985 claiming mansion movie spc-128k-enhanced timelimit walking
Witchfiend  Strobe (IJK Software)1985 claiming mysticprotagonist spc-128k-enhanced
180 (180!)  Mastertronic (Binary Design)1986 darts dartsgame spc-128k-enhanced
Avenger: The Way of the Tiger  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1986 book keys ninja spc-128k-enhanced
Ballblazer  Activision;Lucasfilm Games (Program Techniques)1986 1on1 madeupsport spc-128k-enhanced
Batman (Bat Man)  Ocean (Ocean)1986 batman dccomics knightlorelike roombased spc-128k-enhanced
Dandy  Electric Dreams (The RamJam Corporation)1986 actionadventure dandylike dungeoncrawler keys spc-128k-enhanced
Deactivators  Reaktör;Ariolasoft (Tigress Marketing)1986 robotprotagonist spc-128k-enhanced ystop100
Defcom  Quicksilva (Binary Design)1986 score space spc-128k-enhanced
Desert Rats: The North Africa Campaign  CCS (CCS)1986 1940s africa spc-128k-enhanced wargame worldwar worldwar2
Football Director: 2 Player Super League (2 Player Super League;Football Director II)  D&H Games;Cult Software (D&H Games;Cult Software)1986 soccer spc-128k-enhanced sportsmanagement
Future Games  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1986 spc-128k-enhanced timelimit
Future Knight  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1986 did lives rescue score spc-128k-enhanced
Gladiator  Domark (Domark)1986 earth grecoroman imperiumromanum meleeweapons naturalistic shields spc-128k-enhanced swords
Glider Rider  Quicksilva (Binary Design)1986 hangglider island motorcycle spc-128k-enhanced timelimit