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Blue Max  U.S. Gold (U.S. Gold)1984 1910s 20thcentury latemodernperiod scrollingshooter war worldwar worldwar1
Arnhem: The 'Market Garden' Operation (Arnhem)  CCS (CCS)1985 1940s europe netherlands operationmarketgarden war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Iwo Jima  PSS (PSS)1986 1940s pacificocean war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Legions of Death  MC Lothlorien (MC Lothlorien)1986 classicalantiquity grecoroman war
Napoleon at War  CCS1986 19thcentury ageofrevolution earlymodernperiod earth europe napoleonicwars war
Samurai  CRL (Astros Productions)1986 difficulty feudaljapan japan past sengokuperiod war
Terrorpods  Psygnosis;Melbourne House (Icon Design)1987 crippled elimination mecha repairing rockets serious trading unseenprotagonist walker walkers war
Stalingrad  CCS (CCS)1988 1940s battleofstalingrad europe russia war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Tank Attack (Tankattack)  CDS Software (CDS Software)1988 tanks war wargame
North & South (North and South)  Infogrames (New Frontier)1991 1860s 19thcentury americancivilwar civilwar combatmode europeancomic northamerica spc-128k-enhanced usa war