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Bismark (Strategy II:Bismark)  ASP Software (ASP Software)1983 naval worldwar worldwar2
Night Gunner  Digital Integration (Digital Integration)1983 aeroplane worldwar worldwar2
Blue Max  U.S. Gold (U.S. Gold)1984 1910s 20thcentury latemodernperiod scrollingshooter war worldwar worldwar1
Arnhem: The 'Market Garden' Operation (Arnhem)  CCS (CCS)1985 1940s europe netherlands operationmarketgarden war wargame worldwar worldwar2
The Dam Busters  U.S. Gold (U.S. Gold)1985 aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-avrolancaster bomberaircraft dark europe germany secretmission worldwar worldwar2
Their Finest Hour  Century Communications (Century Communications)1985 1940s britain europe worldwar worldwar2
Desert Rats: The North Africa Campaign  CCS (CCS)1986 1940s africa spc-128k-enhanced wargame worldwar worldwar2
Iwo Jima  PSS (PSS)1986 1940s pacificocean war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Dreadnoughts at Jutland Specsim (Specsim)1987 naval worldwar worldwar1
Guadalcanal  Activision (Software Studios)1987 asia pacificocean pacificwar worldwar worldwar2
Pegasus Bridge  PSS (Data Design Systems)1987 1940s europe france wargame worldwar worldwar2
Vulcan: The Tunisian Campaign  CCS (CCS)1987 1940s africa africa-north spc-128k-enhanced wargame worldwar worldwar2
World War I (World War 1;World War One)  MC Lothlorien;Argus Press Software (MC Lothlorien;Argus Press Software)1987 europe wargame worldwar worldwar1
Blitzkrieg  CCS (CCS)1988 1940s 20thcentury europe wargame worldwar worldwar2
Night Raider (Dive Bomber)  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1988 1940s aerodyne aeroplane bomberaircraft europe worldwar worldwar2
Overlord: The Invasion 6th June 1944  CCS (CCS)1988 1940s 20thcentury difficulty europe france operationoverlord wargame worldwar worldwar2
Stalingrad  CCS (CCS)1988 1940s battleofstalingrad europe russia war wargame worldwar worldwar2
The Train: Escape to Normandy  Electronic Arts;Accolade (Imagitec Design)1988 1940s france train worldwar worldwar2
Invasion Force  CCS (CCS)1990 europe wargame worldwar worldwar2
P47 Thunderbolt (P-47: The Freedom Fighter)  Firebird (Source)1990 3disk aerodyne aeroplane aircraft-p47-thunderbolt bossbattles cassette controlconfig kempstonjoystick keyboard lives powerups propellerplane score scrollingshooter strikeaircraft worldwar worldwar2