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Nekozamurai (猫侍)  Human (Human)1999 anthropomorphism anthroprotagonist felidprotagonist feudaljapan samurai
Glover  Hasbro1999 anthropomorphicobjectprotagonist anthropomorphicobjects anthropomorphism magic
Saiyuki: Journey West (西遊記;Saiyūki)  Koei (KOEI)2001 anthropomorphism asia asia-east asia-south asianprotagonist bossbattles china chinesemythology deities demons doppelgangers facing genderchoice grid grid-square group india magic meleeweapons monsters playerexposition rating-esrb-e religiousprotagonist rpsmechanics shapeshifters shapeshifting shopping simulacrums statuseffects summoning tacticalrpg weaponplot xiyouji
SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge  THQ2001 anthropomorphicobjects anthropomorphism cartoon nicktoons spongebob