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Panzer General  Mindscape;SSI (Strategic Simulations)1996 20thcentury grid grid-hex panzergeneral-series panzergeneralengine rating-esrb-e war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Allied General (Panzer General II)  SSI;Xing (Halestorm)1996 20thcentury grid grid-hex militaryfiction naturalistic panzergeneral-series rating-esrb-e war wargame worldwar worldwar2
Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia (Master of Monsters: Akatsuki no Kenja Tatsu)  Ascii;Toshiba EMI (Ascii;Toshiba EMI)1997 grid grid-hex masterofmonsters
Sentou Kokka Kai Improved (戦闘国家 -改- IMPROVED)  Sony Computer Entertainment (Marionette)1997 grid-hex
Nectaris: Military Madness (Nectaris)  Hudson;Jaleco (Hudson;Jaleco)1998 grid grid-hex nectaris rating-esrb-t
Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena (Brigandine;ブリガンダイン~幻想大陸戦記~)  E3 Staff;Atlus;Hearty Robin (Hearty Robin)1998 grid grid-hex rating-esrb-e roses roses-red
The Unholy War  Eidos;Crystal Dynamics (Toys For Bob)1998 combatmode grid grid-hex grid-none knockback monsters rating-esrb-t robots sciencefantasy
Brigandine: Grand Edition  Hearty Robin (Hearty Robin)2000 grid grid-hex rpsmechanics