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Hercules (Disney's Action Game featuring Hercules;Disney Jeu D'Action Disney Présente Hercules)  Sony Computer Entertainment (Eurocom Developments)1997 bonusstages bossbattles centauroids centaurs chargedattack disappearingplatforms disney fauns forest godlingprotagonist grecoroman grecoromanmythology harmfultouch healthpickups heracles hydrae ledges lives magic meleeweapons movie platinum polycephalids rating-esrb-e rating-sell-tp savepassword secrets shallowwater sorcery superstrength swords title-animated titularcharacter unarmedfighting walking
Chrono Cross (クロノ・クロス)  Square (Square)2000 aliens axes beach bludgeons boomerangs chrono-series clowns cyborgs dogs dragons dragons-other dwarves earlyending fae felinoids firearms fistloads forest hydrae island jungle luchadores mansion merfolk multipleendings mycoids newgameplus oddappliances parallelworld pirates premadeprotagonist prerenderedbackgrounds prerenderedcinematics rating-esrb-t recurrence-character scientists sewers silentprotagonist skeletons stagemagic staves swords swordstaffs teenprotagonist town underwater watercraft-location watercraft-medium