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Disruptor (ディスラプター)  Universal Interactive Studios;Interplay (Insomniac Games)1996 firstpersonshooter io militantprotagonist moon multipleendings otherworld outlaws psychicpowers psychics rating-esrb-t rebellion rookieprotagonist spacestation
Clock Tower (クロックタワー2;Clock Tower 2)  Human (Human)1996 alternatingprotagonist clocktower-series defenseless hiding hunted intermissions mouse multipleendings serious
Fushigi no Kuni no Angelique (ふしぎの国のアンジェリーク;Angelique in Wonderland)  Koei (Koei)1997 angelique femaleprotagonist multipleendings otomegame
Sentient  Psygnosis (Psygnosis)1997 asphyxiation difficulty difficulty-aspects investigation multipleendings radiation rating-esrb-t spacestation
Clock Tower - The First Fear (クロックタワー ~ザ・ファースト・フィアー~)  Human (Human)1997 clickadventure clocktower-series defenseless femaleprotagonist hunted mouse movie multipleendings serious teenprotagonist
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee (Abe a Go Go;Oddworld: L'Odyssée d'Abe)  GT Interactive (Oddworld Inhabitants)1997 alienplanet aliveengine censored cinematicplatformer companyfirstgame escape greatesthits lutris multipleendings nohumans nonhumanprotagonist oddworld peopleresources planetaryromance platinum rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-t savepoints slavery soylentgreen
Colony Wars  Psygnosis (Psygnosis)1997 5thmillennium afterearth colonywars-series darkspace distantfuture extraterrestrial future multipleendings rating-usk-12 space spacecombatsim spacecraft spacecraft-small spacefaringage spaceflight
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within (クロックタワーゴーストヘッド;Clock Tower: Ghost Head)  Human;Agetec (Human)1998 actionadventure clickadventure clocktower-series defenseless femaleprotagonist hiding hunted mouse multipleendings serious survivalhorror uvl-missingimages
Colony Wars: Vengeance (Colony Wars 2)  Psygnosis (Psygnosis)1998 5thmillennium colonywars-series distantfuture extraterrestrial future multipleendings rating-esrb-e space spacecombatsim spacecraft spacecraft-small spacefaringage spaceflight
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (Abe '99;Oddworld: L'Exode d'Abe)  GT Interactive (Oddworld Inhabitants)1998 alienplanet aliveengine cinematicplatformer humanoidprotagonist multipleendings nohumans oddworld planetaryromance rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-t rating-sell-tp slavery tutorial-incomplete
Silent Hill (サイレントヒル)  Konami (Team Silent;Konami)1999 bleak bookends dark-limited dimensionaltravel earth fog foundmaps gps grotesque handguns healingitems isolatedhabitat isolatedlocale knives lamp latemodernperiod lensflare limitedsupplies maleprotagonist monsters multipleendings northamerica overcast parallelreality paranormal parentprotagonist present protectioncomplex psychologicalhorror rating-esrb-m serious silenthill stationaryattack survivalhorror titularlocale town urbanfantasy weather-persistent
Angelique Tenkuu no Requiem (アンジェリーク 天空の鎮魂歌;Angelique Tenkuu no Chingonuta)  Koei (Koei)1999 angelique femaleprotagonist multipleendings otomegame
Chrono Cross (クロノ・クロス)  Square (Square)2000 aliens axes beach bludgeons boomerangs chrono-series clowns cyborgs dogs dragons dragons-other dwarves earlyending fae felinoids firearms fistloads forest hydrae island jungle luchadores mansion merfolk multipleendings mycoids newgameplus oddappliances parallelworld pirates premadeprotagonist prerenderedbackgrounds prerenderedcinematics rating-esrb-t recurrence-character scientists sewers silentprotagonist skeletons stagemagic staves swords swordstaffs teenprotagonist town underwater watercraft-location watercraft-medium