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New Japan Pro Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden Tomy1995 prowrestling
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game  Acclaim (Acclaim)1995 prowrestling
New Japan Pro Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden 2 (Toukon Retsuden 2) Tomy1996 prowrestling
WWF In Your House (WWFインユアハウス)  Acclaim (Sculptured Software)1996 digitizedimages prowrestling
Champion Wrestler: Jikkyou Live (Jikkyou Raibu;チャンピオンレスラー実況ライブ)  Taito (Taito)1996 prowrestling
Fire ProWrestling Iron Slam '96  Human (Human)1996 prowrestling
Virtual Pro Wrestling  Asmik1996 prowrestling
Power Move Pro Wrestling (Powermove Pro Wrestling)  Activision (Activision)1996 prowrestling
Pro Wrestling Sengoku-den: Hyper Tag Match KSS (KSS)1997 prowrestling
WCW Nitro  THQ (Inland Productions)1997 prowrestling rating-elspa-15 rating-esrb-ka
Shuukan Puroresu Kanshuu: Puroresu Sengoku-den (Pro Wrestling Sengokuden;週刊プロレス監修 プロレス戦国伝)  KSS (KSS)1997 prowrestling
WCW vs. The World  THQ (Xing Entertainment)1997 greatesthits prowrestling
All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling: Queen Legend (Zen Nihon Onna Puroresu: Joou Densetsu)  TEN (GW)1998 prowrestling
New Japan Pro Wrestling: Toukon Retsuden 3 (Toukon Retsuden 3) Tomy1998 prowrestling
WCW/nWo Thunder  THQ (Inland Productions)1998 prowrestling rating-elspa-11 rating-esrb-e
WWF War Zone  Acclaim (Acclaim)1998 protagonistdesigning prowrestling rating-esrb-t
Pro Wrestling Sengoku-den 2: Kakutou Emaki (Pro Wres Sengokuden 2: Kakutou Emaki;プロレス戦国伝2 格闘絵巻)  KSS (KSS)1998 prowrestling
Zen Nihon Puroresu: Ouja no Kon (All Japan ProWrestling: King's Soul)  Spike (Human)1999 prowrestling
Fire ProWrestling G  Human (Human)1999 prowrestling
WWF Attitude  Acclaim (Iguana Entertainment)1999 prowrestling
WCW Mayhem  Electronic Arts (Kodiak Interactive)1999 prowrestling
Simple 1500 Series Vol. 22: The Pro Wrestling (THE プロレス) D3 Publisher (D3)1999 budget prowrestling simple1500
ECW Hardcore Revolution  Acclaim (Acclaim)2000 prowrestling rating-esrb-m
WWF SmackDown! (Exciting Pro Wrestling)  THQ (Yuke's)2000 prowrestling
ECW Anarchy Rulz  Acclaim (Acclaim Studios Salt Lake City)2000 prowrestling