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Tall Unlimited (Tall Infinity: The Tower of Wisdom;トールアンリミテッド)  Techno Soleil;Agetec (Techno Soleil;Hamster)1999 difficulty tutorial visualmatching
Crusaders of Might and Magic  3DO (3DO)2000 actionadventure adv-static ardon-mm blocking bludgeons capacity-slots castle chosenone difficulty dwarves elementals energyregen forest hackandslash healingitems insectoids interlinkedlevels inventory jumping limitedcapacity magic magicartefacts map mapdeficient medieval meleeweapons mightandmagic militantprotagonist mine nogps obsoletedassets ogres potions premadeprotagonist reduced rewardingvandalism sciencefantasy shadowmaps shields skeletons sorcery subterranean swords tutorial undead uvl-imagequality uvl-missingimages walking warriormystics warriorprotagonist weefolk
Baldies  Phoenix Games;Bethesda Softworks (Creative Edge)2003 baldies-series mouse rating-esrb-e tutorial