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Demons  ? (?)198? fixedshooter instantdeath lives score
Apple Panic  Creative Software (Creative Software)1982 instantdeath ladders lives score
Arcadia  Imagine (Imagine)1982 darkspace endless fixedshooter instantdeath lives score space waves
Skramble  Livewire (Livewire)1982 instantdeath score
Vic Panic  Bug-Byte (Bug-Byte)1982 aliens instantdeath ladders lives nofalldamage spacecraft-location timelimit walking
Donkey Kong Atari (Atari)1983 animals bludgeons cartoon cartridge constructionsite did donkeykong earth elevators harmfultouch instantdeath joystick jumping ladders langinsignificant lethalobjects lives mario mario-universe powerups primates rescue score walking
Galaxian  Atari (Atari)1983 cartridge endless fixedshooter instantdeath lives score space
Matrix  Llamasoft (Llamasoft)1983 instantdeath lives
Ms. Pac-Man  Atari (Atari)1983 apples bananas cartridge cherries claiming femaleprotagonist ghosts instantdeath langinsignificant license-proprietary lives pacman pacmanlike peaches pears pretzels score strawberries
Pac-Man Atari (Atari)1983 cartridge instantdeath langinsignificant pacman pacmanlike
Shamus  HES (HES)1983 femaleauthor instantdeath keys lives robots score
Wacky Waiters  Imagine (Imagine)1983 cassette commercial elevators falldamage instantdeath joystick license-proprietary
Bullet  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1984 claiming instantdeath lives outlawprotagonist
Hektik  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1984 instantdeath ladders lives monsters nofalldamage walking
Operation Ganymed  Atlantis Software (Romik)1984 fuel instantdeath lives moon
Psycho Shopper (Shopper)  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1984 city claiming harmfultouch instantdeath lives timelimit
Rest In Peace (RIP: The Game)  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1984 claiming instantdeath lives monsters walking
The Perils of Willy  Software Projects (Software Projects)1984 claiming commercial instantdeath jetsetwilly joystick keyboard license-proprietary lives walking
Tower of Evil  Creative Sparks;Thorn EMI (Creative Sparks;Thorn EMI)1984 did instantdeath lives monsters rescue walking
Crazy Cavey  Mastertronic (Mr. Chip Software)1985 claiming falldamage instantdeath lives walking
Doodle Bug  Mastertronic (Mastertronic)1985 claiming instantdeath lives pacmanlike