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Flight Simulator II Microsoft (SubLOGIC)1986 68k addons aerodyne aeroplane msflightsim osclassic
SimCity (Sim City;SimCity Classic) Electronic Arts (Maxis)1989 68k addons binarycolor citybuilding color-8bit currency energydistribution naturaldisasters osclassic simcity taxes
Harpoon Three-Sixty (Three-Sixty;Applied Computing Services)1990 3.5disk 68k addons boardgametiein coldwar earth leveleditor naturalistic naval osclassic war warfare-sea
Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf Accolade (Sculptured Software)1990 3.5disk 68k addons binarycolor cpu-68000 cpu-68020 cpu-68030 cpu-68hc000 golf macos3 macos4 macos6 macos7 osclassic professionalathlete windindicator
PGA Tour Golf Electronic Arts (The Dreamers Guild)1991 3.5disk 68k addons binarycolor color-8bit cpu-68000 cpu-68020 cpu-68030 cpu-68040 golf macos6 macos7 macos8 osclassic windindicator
Populous  Electronic Arts (Bullfrog)1993 16color 68k addons collective godgame leveleditor naturaldisasters osclassic populous