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Dropper RavenWare (RavenWare)1990 68k abstract abstract-location binarycolor color-8bit colormatching grid grid-square match3 osclassic score visualmatching
Jewelbox Wizardworks (Micro Imagineering;Varcon Systems)1992 3.5disk 68k abstract abstract-location color-8bit colormatching fallingblocks grid grid-square lives match3 naturalistic osclassic score tilebased visualmatching
FloorTiles author (author)1993 68k binarycolor color-8bit colormatching grid-wangtiles naturalistic osclassic score visualmatching
PuyoPuyo author (author)1993 68k abstract abstract-location color-8bit colormatching cpu-68020 fallingblocks macos7 osclassic
Trojka author (author)1993 3.5disk 68k abstract abstract-location colormatching fallingblocks grid grid-square macos7 match3 osclassic visualmatching
Same Game author (author)1994 68k abstract abstract-location color-8bit colormatching fallingblocks grid grid-square macos6 match3 osclassic score
Qwirks  Spectrum HoloByte (Big Bang Software)1995 chainreactions colormatching fallingblocks macos7 match3 osclassic
Short Circuit author (author)1995 68k color-8bit colormatching cpu-68030 grid grid-square macos7 osclassic
TriTryst Virgin Interactive (Cinematronics)1995 68k abstract color-8bit colormatching cpu-68040 grid grid-square langinsignificant macos7 match3 naturalistic osclassic pairsgame shapematching traditional visualmatching
Zoop Viacom Newmedia (Hookstone)1995 colormatching demo fallingblocks osclassic shapematching visualmatching
Maisy's Playhouse Simon & Schuster Interactive (Sound Source Interactive)1999 colorful colormatching edu-math logic macos7 math osclassic ppc shapematching visualmatching
Worms Blast  Feral Interactive (Team17)2004 bubbleshooter colormatching directmusic insectprotagonist macos1 osclassic ppc ppcg3 rating-esrb-e uvl-missingimages visualmatching worms worms-series