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Pipe Dream (Pipe Mania) Lucasfilm Games (The Assembly Line)1990 3.5disk 68k constructionpuzzle grid grid-square macos6 macos7 macos8 osclassic score uvl-confusable
Aqua Blooper Piper Casady & Greene (Casady & Greene)1991 3.5disk 68k color-8bit constructionpuzzle osclassic
The Incredible Machine Sierra On-Line (Jeff Tunnell Productions)1992 68k constructionpuzzle impersonal osclassic rubegoldbergmachine score
Nubb Laughing Fish (Laughing Fish)1993 68k constructionpuzzle grid grid-square osclassic score
The Even More Incredible Machine Sierra On-Line (Jeff Tunnell Productions)1993 68k constructionpuzzle cpu-68000 impersonal macos6 osclassic rubegoldbergmachine score
Troubled Souls Varcon Systems (Varcon Systems)1994 68k color-8bit constructionpuzzle macos6 osclassic
MacPipes Factor Software (Factor Software)1995 constructionpuzzle grid grid-square macos8 naturalistic osclassic platformreference ppc score
The Incredible Machine 3 Dynamix (Dynamix)1995 68k constructionpuzzle impersonal osclassic rubegoldbergmachine score
Pipe Dream Empire Interactive (Sick Puppies)2001 constructionpuzzle uvl-confusable uvl-osversion