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NewGammon NewSoft (NewSoft)1984 3.5disk 68k backgammon cpu-68000 demo drm earth macos1 naturalistic osclassic
Webster's Revenge Icon Concepts (Loki Engineering)1984 3.5disk 68k cpu-68000 demo drm drm-pinhole earth letters naturalistic osclassic traditional wordgame wordinput
Airborne! (Banzai!) Silicon Beach Software (Silicon Beach Software)1985 ♫rideofthevalkyries 3.5disk 68k cpu-68000 demo license-publicdomain macos1 osclassic score
The Dungeon Revealed (The Dungeon of Doom)  Woodrose Editions (author)1985 3.5disk 68k binarycolor classbased demo dungeoncrawler grid grid-square macos1 macos2 macos3 macos4 macos5 macos6 macos7 macos8 macos9 magic mapgenerator osclassic ppc roguelike
Eric's Ultimate Solitaire Delta Tao Software (Delta Tao Software)1992 3.5disk 68k cdrom commercial cpu-68000 demo license-proprietary macos6 osclassic solitaire traditional
Zoop Viacom Newmedia (Hookstone)1995 colormatching demo fallingblocks osclassic shapematching visualmatching
Cythera Ambrosia Software (-)1999 delverengine demo osclassic