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MacHexen  id Software (id Software)? aimassist alone automap axes backtracking bleak bludgeons bossbattles centauroids demonicmenace difficulty eviloverlord fantasyworld fictionaluniverse firstpersonshooter fistloads heretichexen jumping macos6 magic magicweapons meleeweapons monsters nontolkienian npcstrife osclassic platformreference potions premadecharacters progressiveattacks quicktime serious singlegender slipperysurfaces swords unarmedfighting
BMX - THE Racing Game author (author)1986 68k bicycle binarycolor fuel jumping leveleditor osclassic radar score
Donkey Doo author (author)1987 68k jumping ladders lives osclassic score timelimit walking
Thexder  Sierra On-Line (Synergistic Software)1990 3.5disk 4color 68k autoaim beamweapons binarycolor cpu-68000 energyweapons flying jumping macos7 mecha osclassic runandgun score thexder walking
Another World (Out of this World) Interplay (Delphine Software)1992 1life 68k aimdirlimit alienplanet aliens anotherworld cave chargingweapons cinematicplatformer controllablehelplessness deathtraps descriptivedeaths displacementfiction elevators energyweapons escape fromanotherworld instantdeath jumping lifelikemotion multitools noaircontrol nohud osclassic prison rotoscoping savepassword scientistprotagonist serious sessilecreatures stranded titularlocale walking
Frog Xing Quarter Note Software (Quarter Note Software)1995 68k amphibianprotagonist animalprotagonist animals color-8bit deadlywater did earth frog frogger-like instantdeath jumping langinsignificant lives moacos7 movedirlimit naturalvinvention naturalvnatural nohumans osclassic rescue river score snakes testudines timelimit traffic trucks
Game Parlor MacPlay (MacPlay)1995 68k backgammon cards cdrom checkers chess color-8bit crosswords dualism earth forethoughtrequired grid grid-square jumping latemodernperiod macos7 naturalistic osclassic perfectinformation serious solitaire traditional wordgame
Hexen (Hexen: Beyond Heretic) GT Interactive (Raven Software)1995 1life 68k aimassist alone automap axes backtracking blankprotagonist bleak bludgeons bossbattles cdrom centauroids cheatcodes classbased classbasedeq color-8bit cpu-68040 crossmaptriggers cryokinesis darkfantasy demonicmenace difficulty doomwad electrokinesis eviloverlord explosiveobjects facelessprotagonist fantasyworld fictionaluniverse fistloads forcedpolymorph freezing ghosts gunblades healingitems healthpickups heretichexen heroprotagonist humanoidanimals idtech1 interactivetriggers interlinkedlevels inventory jumping licensechange macos7 magic magic-innate magic-somatic magicartefacts magicweapons medieval meleeweapons middleprojection monsters mp-dm noingameintro nontolkienian npcstrife osclassic personalquest polycephalids potions premadecharacters progressiveattacks pyrokinesis retrypoints retrypoints-rollback sauroids saveanywhere serious singlegender slipperysurfaces sorcery swords teleport unarmedfighting voiceovers walking wands wetland
Tomb Raider Eidos (Core Design)1996 actionadventure archeologistprotagonist earth fanservice fantasticearth femaleantagonist femaleprotagonist jumping oopitems osclassic present puzzlebosses ruins simulacrums tombraider tombraider-1st walking
Quake (GLQuake) MacSoft (Lion Entertainment)1997 1life achillesheelfoes aimassist alone apple-rave axes beamweapons bunnyhopping cdrom commercial dark darkfantasy deadlydecor dedicatedclient demons devsysnext68x devsysnextintel devsysnextppc dialup difficulty dingy display-640x480 distortedvision dogs doomwad doors download electricweapons energyweapons eviloverlord findexit firearms firstpersonshooter gamepad gibs glide3d gore graybrown idlenoise indoors inputsprocket ipx joystick jumping keyboard keys license-proprietary lightmaps macos7 macos8 macos9 medieval meleeweapons middleguns middleprojection militantprotagonist monsters mouse mp-dm nailguns npcfriendlyfire npcstrife opaquewater opengl osclassic otherworld overkill permanentcorpses portals powerpc601 powerups ppc quake-series quakeengine quickdraw3d rocketjumping rockets sciencefantasy secrets serious sourcecodestolen splatter swimming swrender tcpip telefrag title-demo touchactivation undead underwaterdiving zombies
SiN Activision (Ritual Entertainment)1998 2030s airducts cdrom city earth fanservice femaleantagonist firstpersonshooter future humanexperiments idtech2 jumping mercenaryprotagonist mutants opengl osclassic postmodern researchfacility secretfacility sin-series
Half-Life Valve (Valve)1999 1life 2000s 21stcentury 3plusfactions abnormalammo absolutearmor airducts alieninvasion aliens ambientcreatures ammomagazines anatomicdamage anticipatorystockpiles armyofone autosavepoints beamweapons bizarrearchitecture blankprotagonist blindcreatures bludgeons bombs bookends bossbattles burrowers catastrophe cdrom chapters chargingweapons cliff cloakednpcs collapsingceiling crates crossbows crouchjump crushers dam damageindicator dimensionaltravel directionalforce directionalforce-movingsurface doors earth elevatorbattle elevators energyshields energyweapons escape ether eviloverlord experimentaltechnology falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter flood flyingislands friendlyfire genderdiscrepancy giantmonsters gibs goldsrc-engine grenades guidedweapons guidedweapons-pointer guidedweapons-self halflife hazmatsuit healthbuffer healthpickups healthwarning hostileflora hud-explained humanoids hunted idlenoise inclinators industrial-setting ingameintro interlinkedlevels jargon jumping ladders latemodernperiod livingweapons locationaldamage lostequipment macos9 maleprotagonist meleeweapons mines modifiable newmexico northamerica notpublished npcstrife observer oldskoolsecurity opengl os9 osclassic otherworld overcharging overkill pandorasbox parasites portals powerarmor prologue radioactiveglow radiotap reload-auto reload-manual researchfacility rewardingvandalism rockets saveanywhere science-theme scientistprotagonist scientists secretfacility serious sessilecreatures silentprotagonist singlegender slipperysurfaces starfishaliens storagearea subway swarmweapons teleport teleporters tentaclecreatures timespan-hours tripmines tutorial visiblelasers voiceboard voiceovers volleyweapons walking walkingarmory wallpenetrators warehouse worms zombies
Unreal (虚幻) MacSoft (Westlake Interactive;Epic MegaGames;Digital Extremes)1999 1life aliens alternateattack amphitheatre anticipatorysightings apple-rave asphyxiation assaultrifles bodyarmor canyon castle cdrom crates crystals diaries disclaunchers displacementfiction distracting dodging dragonflies elevators energyshields energyweapons exoticweapons extraterrestrial fallbackweapon falldamage firearms firstpersonshooter fish flyingislands fortress future genderchoice glide3d goothrowers grenadelaunchers handguns healthbuffer healthpickups humanoidanimals inertscenery inventory isolatedlocale jumping jumppack lamp macos7 middleguns middleprojection mine mp-dm mp-teams nailguns neutralnpcs noingameintro osclassic otherworld outlawprotagonist ppc precisionrifles quickdraw3d rewardingvandalism rockets sauroids scenic serious silentprotagonist spacecraft-location spacefaringage stranded suppressors swimming title-scene trackermusic unreal unrealengine unrealengine1 walking wildlife
SiN: Wages of Sin (Sin Mission Pack: Wages of Sin) Activision (2015)1999 2030s cdrom city earth firstpersonshooter future idtech2 jumping mercenaryprotagonist mutants opengl osclassic postmodern sin-series
Unreal Tournament (UT) MacSoft (Epic Megagames)2000 24thcentury announcer arenafpstps beamweapons cdrom dedicatedclient energyweapons firstpersonshooter future genderchoice handguns jumping macos7 mp-dm mp-matchwarmup mp-teams mpfocus osclassic ppc ppc603e rocketjumping rockets slidingwalk trackermusic twitchshooter unrealengine unrealengine1 unrealtournament walking walkingarmory
Aliens versus Predator (AvP) Mac Play (Mac Play)2001 alienfranchise alienprotagonist aliens aliensvspredator ammomagazines androids burning cdrom ceilingclinging ceilingtraversal claws cloakednpcs cloaking commercial energyrecharger energyweapons extraterrestrial fearofnothing firearms firstpersonshooter flamethrowers future grenadelaunchers grenades-bouncy grenades-impact healingdevice healingfinishers healthdrops healthpickups humanprotagonist hypermobilefoes interspecificconflict jumping keyboard license-proprietary macos8 megacorps meleeweapons militantprotagonist militaryfiction monsters mouse movie mp-3way mp-cooperative mp-ffa mp-teams mp-versus multiplecampaigns multipleperspectives opengl osclassic otherworld perspectiveflip ppc ppcg3 predator sequence-escape serious spacefaringage thermalweapons tunnelvision turrets visionenhancer wallclimbing wallclinging wallcrawlers walltraversal weirdvision
American McGee's Alice (爱丽丝梦游仙境) Aspyr Media (Rogue Entertainment)2001 actionadventure aliceinwonderland alternateattack cdrom clockpunk commercial dementia dreamworld environment-animate femaleantagonist femaleprotagonist idtech3 instantkillers jumping keyboard labyrinth license-proprietary macos8 mouse oddappliances opengl os osclassic passageondemand powerups ppc ppcg3 stocksounds surreal surrealhorror teenprotagonist tga uvl-tiein zip
Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (JK2;Jedi Knight 2;Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast) LucasArts (Aspyr)2002 1life alternateattack combatstyles cruelty-potential difficulty disintegrators doors elevators energyregen energyweapons envcombat falldamage fatbinary firstpersonshooter highfantasy idtech3 jumping knockback laserbolts laserweapons lightsabers lostpowers macos9 meleeweapons milessound mp-dm openal opengl osclassic osx osx-1 osx-2 osx-3 osx-4 osx-5 ppc projectiledeflection psychicpowers psychics repulsion sciencefantasy sequence-defend serious slowmotion spacefaringage starwars starwars-skywalker swords techdisparity telekinesis thx-1138 uvl-tiein voiceovers walking warriorprotagonist zip
Sqrxz - (-)2010 anthroprotagonist claiming disappearingplatforms gems hard hopandbop jumping lagomorphprotagonist monsters osclassic ppc sdl secrets timelimit walking