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MaxAttack (tank) Miles Computing (Miles Computing)1984 3.5disk 68k alaska binarycolor bootloader cpu-68000 earth naturalistic osclassic tank tanks
Skyfox (Sky Fox) Electronic Arts (Dynamix)1986 68k cpu-68000 futuristic osclassic skyfox tanks
Lets Get Tanked! author (author)1987 68k earth mp-versus naturalistic nplayers osclassic tank tanks
Ogre Origin Systems (MicroMagic)1987 21stcentury 68k boardgametiein cpu-68000 future grid grid-hex hovervehicles hybridage-theme macos4 nuclearweapons osclassic tabletoptiein tank tanks traditional wargame
Tank Commander author (author)1987 68k binarycolor earth mp-versus naturalistic osclassic tank tanks
Air Attack II author (author)1988 68k binarycolor helicopter osclassic shooter tanks
Bolo (nuBolo) author (author)1989 68k langinsignificant macos6 mp-dm osclassic osx tank tanks
Omega Origin Systems (Origin Systems)1989 3.5disk 68k osclassic programming tank tanks uvl-confusable
Sands of Fire Three-Sixty (Three-Sixty)1989 3.5disk 68k africa cpu-68020 earth macos3 macos4 naturalistic osclassic tank tanks worldwar2
Panzer Battles SSG (SSG)1990 1940s 20thcentury 68k battlefrontengine color-8bit dialup earth grid grid-hex mp-versus naturalistic osclassic past sovietunion tank tanks war worldwar2
MovoD (Macintosh Operated Vehicles of Destruction) CelluSoft (CelluSoft)1991 68k osclassic tank tanks
Operation: Desert Storm Bungie (Bungie)1991 3.5disk binarycolor city color-8bit commercial earth finiteammo fuel keyboard landvehicle latemodernperiod license-proprietary lives macos7 macos8 macos9 naturalistic neareast osclassic outdoors present printer score tank tanks war warfare-land
M4 Deadly Games (Deadly Games)1992 1940s 20thcentury 68k color-8bit earth hypercard landvehicle militantprotagonist naturalistic osclassic past serious tank tanks war worldwar worldwar2
Microsoft Arcade Microsoft (Microsoft)1993 68k chainreactions color-8bit cpu-68030 earth fixedshooter macos7 naturalistic osclassic space spacecraft tank tanks
TechnoManiac author (author)1993 68k abstract-location color-8bit naturalistic osclassic tank tanks
Tank Run author (author)1994 grid grid-square macos7 osclassic tank tanks
BattleTanks author (author)1995 68k color-8bit earth macos7 naturalistic osclassic tank tanks
Digital Vendetta author (author)1995 68k artillerygame color-8bit macos7 nplayers osclassic tank tanks