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Elevator Action  Nidecom Carry (Nidecom Carry)1985 elevators firearms instantdeath lives score specialagentprotagonist walking
Final Zone Wolf (ファイナルゾーンウルフ)  Telenet Japan;Zemina (Wolf Team)1986 commercial finalzone-series firearms joystick keyboard license-proprietary runandgun score war
Flash Gordon (Captain Zapp)  Mastertronic (Icon Design)1986 comic extraterrestrial firearms flashgordon jungle retrofuture walking
Gun.Smoke (Desperado;Gun Smoke;Gunsmoke)  Topo Soft (Topo Soft)1987 bossbattles firearms gunslingers lives mercenaryprotagonist runandgun score western
Senjou no Ookami (Commando / 戦場の狼)  ASCII (ASCII)1987 firearms grenades instantdeath lives militantprotagonist runandgun score
The Living Daylights (James Bond 007: The Living Daylights - The Computer Game)  Domark (Walking Circles)1987 007 firearms movie score specialagentprotagonist
Bomber King (ボンバーキング)  Hudson Soft (Hudson Soft)1988 bomberman bombs bossbattles cyborgprotagonist firearms otherworld robots score timelimit
Chicago 30's (Chicago's 30)  Topo Soft;U.S. Gold (Topo Soft)1988 1930s 20thcentury city-chicago-il firearms gangsters instantdeath outlaws prohibitionera runandgun
Game Over  Dinamic;Summit Software (Dinamic;Summit Software)1988 firearms ladders lives monsters movingplatforms runandgun
Game Over II (Phantis)  Dinamic;Summit Software (Dinamic;Summit Software)1988 femaleprotagonist firearms lives runandgun
Magnum Kiki Ippatsu: Empire City 1931 (マグナム危機一髪 エンパイアシティ1931)  Taito;Romstar (Seibu Kaihatsu)1988 1930s 20thcentury arcade bossbattles captives city-newyork-ny firearms lawenforcerprotagonist lives outlaws score timelimit
Operation Wolf  Ocean (Ocean)1988 firearms grenades helicopters jungle militantprotagonist operationwolf rescue score
Robocop  Ocean (Ocean)1988 2040s 21stcentury 3rdmillennium bossbattles city-detroit-mi cybernetics cyberpunk cyborgprotagonist cyborgs earth firearms future handguns lawenforcerprotagonist megacorps movie naturalistic northamerica robocop robots runandgun score timelimit transhumanism walking
Joe Blade  Players (Players)1989 firearms score walking
Licence to Kill (James Bond 007: Licence to Kill;007 - Licence to Kill)  Domark;Erbe Software (Quixel)1989 007 explosiveobjects firearms helicopter ingametitle lives movie runandgun score specialagentprotagonist swimming truck
Mambo  Positive (Positive)1989 firearms score scrollingshooter
The Untouchables (Los Intocables)  Ocean (Ocean)1989 1930s city-chicago-il firearms gangsters movie runandgun score timelimit
The Running Man  Grandslam (Grandslam)1990 arnoldschwarzenegger cassette dogs firearms movie unarmedfighting
Operation Wolf  Toybox (Toybox)2006 firearms grenades helicopters jungle militantprotagonist operationwolf rescue score