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Champion Soccer (チャンピオンサッカー) Sega (Sega)1984 cartridge commercial keyboard license-proprietary msx1 soccer
Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge  Martech (Software Communications)1985 archery canoeing multisport professionalathlete soccer sprint sprint-100m swimming-freestyle trackandfield trackcycling
Football Nice Ideas (Nice Ideas)1985 soccer
Konami's Soccer  Konami (Konami)1985 konamigamecollection soccer
Super Soccer Sony ;Takara (Sony ;Takara)1985 soccer
Footballer of the Year  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1986 soccer sportsmanagement
Brian Clough's Football Fortunes  CDS Software (CDS Software)1987 professionalathlete soccer
Football Manager  Endurance Games;Addictive Games (Endurance Games;Addictive Games)1987 soccer sportsmanagement
Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer  Gremlin Graphics (Gremlin Graphics)1987 professionalathlete soccer
Match Day II (Matchday 2)  Ocean (Ocean)1987 soccer
Soccer Boss (Champions!;The Boss) Alternative Software (Peaksoft)1987 cassette commercial earth license-proprietary naturalistic soccer
Emilio Butragueño Futbol (Butragueño Futbol;Buitre)  Topo Soft (Topo Soft)1988 professionalathlete soccer
Peter Beardsley's International Football  Grandslam (Teque)1988 peterbeardsley professionalathlete soccer
Michel Futbol Master + Super Skills  Dinamic (Dinamic)1989 professionalathlete soccer
Football Manager World Cup Edition  Addictive Games1990 soccer sportsmanagement worldchampionship
World Cup Soccer: Italia '90 (Italia '90 World Cup Soccer)  Dro Soft (Probe Software)1990 soccer worldchampionship