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Metroid (메트로이 드)  Nintendo;Hyundai;Playtronic (Nintendo;Intelligent Systems)1987 armcannons bikini bossbattles consoleclassix deadlydecor extraterrestrial fanservice femaleprotagonist firstpartytitle lutris metroid metroid-universe metroidvania monsters nesclassic nofalldamage nonlinear powerarmor savepassword stereo walking wiivirtualconsole
Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (Solstice: Sanjigen Meikyuu no Kyoujuu;ソルスティス 三次元迷宮の狂獣;Solstice: Alla ricerca dello Scettro di Demnos;Solstice: Die Suche nach dem Zauberstab von Demnos;Solstice: La Busqueda Del Baculo De Demnos;Solstice: La Qu  Sony Imagesoft;Epic Sony Records (Software Creations)1990 amoeboids automap consoleclassix deadlydecor disappearingplatforms finiteresources forest gameprogress humanoidprotagonist inventory keys knightlorelike limitedcapacity limitedsupplies losemap monsters movingplatforms noports nosaves roombased sorcery stereo subterranean traproom
Magical Doropie (まじかるキッズどろぴー;Magical Kids Doropie;The Krion Conquest;Francesca's Wand)  Vic Tokai (Vic Tokai)1990 1990s 20thcentury aimdirlimit alieninvasion asphyxiation bossbattles censored chargedattack city consoleclassix deadlydecor earth femaleprotagonist future hard harmfultouch jumping lifepowered lives magic magicalgirl robots simulacrums slipperysurfaces underwaterwalking unlimitedammo uvl-sku versionvariations walking wands witches
Bucky O'Hare (バッキー オヘア)  Konami;Palcom (Konami)1992 amoeboids anuroids bossbattles characterswitch chargedattack chargedjump clingers consoleclassix crocodilians deadlydecor deadlywater directionalforce ducks elevators felinoids forest giantbeetles hard healthpickups jetbike jumping lagomorphprotagonist lava levelselection lives mindcontrol parallaxscrolling powerups prisonbreak robots savepassword score space spacecraft-location uvl-tiein walking wallclimbing wintery